These 4 nations view slender people as "ugly," view persons who weigh 200 kg or more as beautiful, and even the fattest individuals can engage in polygamy

People’s living standards are rising daily as a result of the economy’s ongoing growth, and spending on food and entertainment has increased as well. Despite this, people still choose not to be able to eat and drink despite their desire for a variety of calorie-dense meals.

Many foods are high in calories, which naturally cause fat to accumulate over time. Given that being small is now deemed attractive, gaining weight doesn’t seem like a positive thing.

However, in certain nations, being overweight is more attractive than being slim. The thicker has a greater prestige, and the fattest can even become a symbol, in Tahiti, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean that holds the beauty of the fat as a benchmark. “Represent the people” through being aesthetically pleasing. It is obvious that Tahiti loves fat people because only women weighing more than 250 pounds are considered lovely there.


The Kingdom of Tonga in Oceania, which has more than 100,000 residents but nearly no slim people, is the second country that promotes obesity as a virtue. Even though the majority of them weigh 80 kg more than the average woman, who weighs around 70 kg, they still feel underweight and want to put on weight to appear heavier. They even dress in particularly bulky clothing to achieve this goal. Because Tongans like plump girls, it is exceedingly difficult for skinny people to get married in this country.


Ethiopia is the third-fattest nation in the world. Here, status increases with weight, and thin people are often denigrated. There is a “fat selection” competition in Ethiopia. All of the males competing in this contest must parade through the village in bare form to display their physique. Only fat people can win, and fat people are more famous. When the champion wins, the winner will be sought by women and granted the privilege of polygamy.


Although they may accept both skinny and overweight people, Jamaicans prefer thick people, and they consider appearance when picking a partner. Because they will appear full and seductive, obese ladies are preferred by Jamaican men over slender and fat beauties. Jamaicans are generally in good shape, but because they are attractive and obese, they will continue to eat more and may even need to use weight-gain medications to reach their target weight.


Do you like slender girls or fat girls? These four locations are utopia for overweight people since they are able to avoid other people’s stares there.

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