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9 Unique and Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoos to Inspire You

The tendency of wearing wedding ring tattoos expands among modern couples and spouses. This unique way of expressing their love and unity is becoming more and more popular.

Unlike metal ring tattoos which can be worn and taken off, ring tattoos are forever and they remind of your unity till the end of your lives. They look quite exiting and beautiful on fingers. Here are 9 Unique and Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoos to Inspire You.

Actually these rings don’t differ from the regular form and image of a real ring but they offer more creative solutions. These tattoos are not necessarily done on the wedding day but you can wear it whenever you want. Sometimes it happens that you forget to wear your ring and wearing a ring tattoo is always a great idea. You will not forget your ring anymore and will never lose it. On the other hand it’s cheaper and more impressive. If you and your soul mate have decided to wear wedding ring tattoos we’ll help you find the best idea.

So, there are many designs for ring tattoos and since this is something very personal each couple can choose an original design that can be seen only on their fingers. It can be the date of your wedding day, the symbol of infinity, images of the king and queen lions, the first letter of your names, the entire name of your beloved one, diamonds or gold or just the simple knotted designs. By using your own imagination you can create such incredible design that will look both spiffy and fascinating.

Generally spouses choose the same design for their ring tattoos but if you like you can get different designs; one subtle special for woman and one more masculine design for men. What concerns the colors for these tattoos we can say that they are mostly met in black color. However there are cases when people choose blue and yellow hues as well which stand for a diamond or gold.


Since a ring tattoo covers only a little space of your finger it is considered as a too small tattoo and will never make you get tired of it.

Among so many ring tattoo designs you can see Celtic wedding ring tattoos which are basically in knotted style. They look very simple and sophisticated at the same time. They are so popular due to their neutral nature which doesn’t draw much attention and make them look like real ring designs. It’s a simple way of showing your eternal love and faithfulness towards each other.