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The ‘dizzying’ tattoos of the 25-year-old girl

Once a visual artist, when turning to tattooist, Yatzil Elizalde (25 years old) is famous for works that create visual effects.

Yatzil Elizalde (25 years old, living in Mexico) was once known to many as a visual artist. Her job at that time was illustrating art products, painting murals or conceptualizing ideas. However, after a while with the profession, she decided to turn to a new direction of becoming a tattooist – where she could both freely create artistic ideas and try her hand at a new role.

Elizalde quickly emerged as a tattooist with a unique style through her works. With her experience as a visual artist, her tattoos have the ability to “bewilder” the viewer, creating optical illusions such as blurred drawings or seeing 3D images without glasses.

Elizalde’s simple tattoos, usually just single black strokes, are layered together, which customers say have a strange appeal. Not simply tattooing almost overlapping the images, she has to calculate the distance, density to create the best effect.

“It sounds weird, but I like images that cause ‘dizziness’, I call it the ‘blur effect.’ I felt it was right to decide to switch to tattoo artists, to create unique images. unique to her style,” she told Insider.

In addition to the works bearing her own stamp, Elizalde also creates ideas based on the requirements or desired drawings of customers. She often sketches out the tattoos in advance on paper, discussing with the client their desired “opacity” or other special details before embarking on the implementation.

Thanks to her unique tattoos, Elizalde’s personal page – where she shares her works – has more than 43,000 followers. Many customers even come from other cities to get a tattoo from her.

To date, the female tattooist has done about 40 works with this matte style. Depending on the size, complexity and location of the tattoo, the price will range from $250 to $350/tattoo.