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Many tattoos on Brad Pitt’s body related to Angelina Jolie

Like many other Hollywood stars, Brad Pitt has many tattoos on his body. Among them are many designs dedicated to the children and ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

When a series of photos about New Year’s holidays in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico were released, in addition to new lover Ines de Ramon, Brad Pitt also received attention thanks to his solid body at the age of 60 and many tattoos scattered all over. body.

According to Page Six , although often wearing closed clothes, the actor born in 1963 is proud of owning a rich collection of tattoos, from ancient poetry to rhinoceros. More importantly, many of them are designed specifically for the children and ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

Three tattoos on left forearm

The inside of the Seven star’s left forearm has three tattoos, including letters and pictures. One of his first tattoos was the French phrase ”Absurdities de l’ existence”, which means ”life is absurd”.

Years later, he added a tattoo of the world’s oldest mummy, Ötzi the Iceman, to the left of the inscription. Below the above two tattoos is the word ”Invictus” in bold capital letters, which means ”invincible” in Latin.

Abbreviated name of family member

On his right forearm, Brad has a long, thin vertical line cut with a horizontal line just below the wrist forming a cross. The left side of the cross is tattooed with the letter A, which stands for Angelina Jolie. On the right side are the initials of 6 children ”M” for Maddox, ”P” for Pax Thien, ”Z” for Zahara, ”S” for Shiloh, ”K”’ for Knox and ‘V’ for Vivienne.

Brad Pitt tattooed the initials of Angelina Jolie and children on his right arm

Angelina Jolie’s Birthday

The Oscar-winning actor tattooed his ex-wife’s birthday in Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, on his lower abdomen. He accidentally revealed his tattoo when waving to fans in 2014. However, in the photo taken in July 2022, the tattoo of Angelina has disappeared.

Currently, in the position of the lower abdomen, there are only two stylized words ”Alpha” and ”Omega”. This is the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet. According to Christianity, they are used to signify the totality of God.


Brad Pitt is famous for his passion for motorcycles. Not only owns an impressive collection of two-wheelers, he also has a motorbike tattoo on his left bicep.

Angelina’s squiggly lines

On the Hollywood actor’s lower back there are many squiggly lines, of unknown meaning. According to Page Six , Angelina Jolie is said to have drawn the design and Brad Pitt made permanent marks on the body.

Brad Pitt has many tattoos related to Angelina Jolie. At least one of them has been deleted

Rumi Poetry and Shadows

Before his 2014 wedding to Jolie, Brad Pitt tattooed on his right bicep an English translation of an ancient poem by Jalal al-Din Mohammad ibn Balkhi – aka Rumi, the 13th-century Persian mystical poet. wrote: ”There exists a field, beyond all concepts of right and wrong. I’ll see you here”.

Next to the poem Rumi, the father of six has a tattoo of a black man standing in his shadow.


Brad Pitt has many tattoos on his back, but most of them are difficult to recognize because he rarely shows them. Some appear to be stick figures, with writing underneath. In addition, there is a black tornado on the left flank.

Brad Pitt’s Two New Tattoos

Skull and Rhino

At the launch of Bullet Train in Berlin (Germany) in July 2022, Brad Pitt surprised when wearing a dress to appear on the red carpet. In addition to his calves, he revealed two new tattoos. On the right is an outline of a rhinoceros head and a human skull on the left leg.