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“We didn’t care that Rodman was there” – Steph Curry recalls meeting Michael Jordan for the first time as a kid

It was a dream-come-true moment for Steph Curry when he finally had the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan in person as a kid. Young Steph and his brother Seth were so overwhelmed by excitement after seeing their idol in the flesh that they didn’t even acknowledge the presence of Dennis Rodman, who was with MJ at the time.

Unsurprisingly, Curry’s memories about that day were mostly about Jordan. But somehow, he also remembers Rodman being there.

“I met him after the game in Charlotte,” the Warriors guard once recalled. “Me and my brother were getting trading cards and we were dying to get him to sign our M.J. card that we got recently. My dad set it up where we could wait outside the visiting locker room to come out. And [Jordan] and Dennis Rodman came out at the same time. We met both of them at the same time. We didn’t care that Rodman was there. I was basically kind of awestruck at first because I didn’t realize how tall [Jordan] was in person when you stand up next to him, especially with how young I was.”

Rodman was also in the photo

To this day, the moment Steph stood face to face with the man who had inspired millions of people around the globe is still surreal for him. Fortunately for him, his father, Dell, was able to capture the special moment and take a few photos.

The picture is still in good condition and despite ignoring Rodman at the time, Chef said “Worm” was also in the photo with them.

“[Jordan] He was real down to Earth, real cool and signed our card. We took a picture, me, my brother and Dennis Rodman. My dad has the picture in a little album of memories he kept from his Charlotte Hornets days,” the Golden State Warriors star added.

Steph became an influential figure like MJ

Despite aspiring to be like Mike, Curry didn’t grow up as athletic as Jordan. However, he was gifted with the ability to get past defenders with his crafty handles and knock down long-range three-pointers with unbelievable consistency.

Very much like his idol, the Dubs sharpshooter set a new standard in how basketball should be played by revolutionizing the scoring point guard position. More importantly, “Chef Curry” has risen to become one of the most influential figures not only in the NBA but in the world of sports.