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Tattoo addict mum says she’s barred from pubs so can’t spend Xmas Day down boozer

A tattoo addict mum says she has been banned from the pub (Image: Melissa Sloan) 

A tattoo addict mum claimed that she is barred from pubs so can’t spend Christmas Day down the boozer.

Melissa Sloan, 45, who lives in Wales, is unfortunately no stranger to being ‘outcasted’ by society.

Previously, the mum-of-two who lives in Wales admitted that she can not find a job due to her extreme look – and would even “clean toilets” if she could.

She’s also been branded a “freak” while in public in front of her young children.

But this time around, Melissa has not had much luck with her social life – especially around the festive season.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the mum who has lost count of her tri-weekly inkings shared how her need for the needle has ruined her yuletide shenanigans.

Mum Melissa Sloan feels that her tattoos have got her banned from the boozer (Image: Melissa Sloan)

Melissa alleged: “I’m not allowed in the pub, it’s all pubs – I’ve been banned for life from pubs in the past because of the tattoos. 

“I [have gone] into pubs and have people look at me like I’m nobody, you get judgemental people.

“I am banned from pubs in my area, I can’t get in because of my tattoos.

Although Melissa was not explicitly told that her bold designs – now including crucifixes – were the sole reason as to why she cannot enter a pub, she believes that is the case.

“It’s going to be down to tattoos as I’m not a fighter, and people are aggressive towards me”, she explained.

“[I miss] just speaking to people, I’m the one who speaks to everybody when I’ve had a drink and I’ll be talking to everyone. But, there’s nothing I can do about it [being banned].

Not being able to have a tipple and a natter in a pub has also got in the way of her Christmas plans.

The mum felt like issued arose once she inked her body (Image: Melissa Sloan)

When asked what her Christmas Day plans were, Melissa shared: “To stay at home because I can’t go to the pub.

“I’ll stay at home with the children, that’s all I do isn’t it.”

But, being “banned for life” from public houses is not the only obstacle in the way of having a ‘merry’ Christmas for Melissa.

She claimed that she is also excluded from Xmas parties and is left out of parent gatherings at school.

“No Christmas parties, when I go to my children’s school I don’t get invited”, the mum said.