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Stever Kerr Was Amazed How Intense 39-Year-Old LeBron James Workout For Team USA

In the buildup to the Paris Olympics, Steve Kerr has been left in awe of LeBron James’ work ethic during Team USA’s practice sessions. Kerr, who has faced James in 4 NBA Finals, was struck by the intensity and dedication James brings to each drill and scrimmage, even in his 22nd year as a professional basketball player. 

“I was blown away by how hard Lebron practices. I went to Ty and Spo and said ‘Is this normal?’ Spo said ‘Everyday. Every drill. Every walk-through. Everyday.”

[Steve Kerr] I was blown away by how hard Lebron practices. I went to Ty and Spo and said ‘Is this normal?’ Spo said ‘Everyday. Every drill. Every walk through. Everyday.”
by u/Alternatively_Built_ in lakers

Kerr sought confirmation from fellow coaches Erik Spoelstra and Tyronn Lue, both of whom have coached James extensively, asking if this level of effort was typical. Both coaches affirmed that James’ high-intensity practice routine is indeed an everyday occurrence.

Despite having an illustrious career that includes four NBA championships and two Olympic gold medals, James’ commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Kerr, who coached against James when his Golden State Warriors famously lost a 3-1 Finals lead to James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, found new admiration for the 39-year-old’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

James has chosen to play in the Olympics once again, after missing the last two editions due to various reasons, including the need for recovery after grueling NBA seasons and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. His return to the national team at this stage of his career underscores his enduring love for basketball and his desire to continue representing his country on the international stage.

This commitment to Team USA is not just about adding to his already impressive legacy but also about contributing to a team loaded with talent, including stars like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis. James’ versatility means he can adapt to whatever role the team needs, whether it’s scoring, playmaking, or defending.

The partnership with head coach Steve Kerr and playing alongside long-time rival Stephen Curry has also been a notable aspect of this Olympic journey for James. Having faced each other in four NBA Finals, the mutual respect between James and Curry is evident. 

James expressed his happiness about being on the same side as Kerr and Curry, highlighting the unique opportunity to collaborate with former rivals in pursuit of Olympic gold.

With Team USA aiming for its fifth consecutive gold medal, James’ presence brings invaluable experience and leadership to the squad. His ability to maintain such a high level of performance and dedication, even after two decades in the sport, continues to inspire teammates and fans alike, setting the stage for what could be another memorable chapter in his storied career.

LeBron James Is Crucial For Team USA To Succeed

LeBron James is set to play a crucial role for Team USA in the upcoming Paris Olympics. Despite being 39 years old, James remains a top 10 player in the NBA, and his leadership, experience, and versatile skill set make him indispensable for the national team.

One of the primary reasons for James’ importance is Team USA’s lack of depth at the point guard position. Tyrese Haliburton, the only true point guard on the roster, lacks size and defensive prowess, creating potential vulnerabilities. 

This is where James steps in, taking on the ball-handling duties for the starters. His ability to orchestrate the offense is unparalleled, making him the ideal conductor for a team filled with superstars at every position.

For James, this scenario is like a dream. Unlike in the NBA, where he often has to carry a heavy load, with Team USA, he can distribute the ball to multiple elite scorers and playmakers. This abundance of talent allows James to fully utilize his basketball IQ, creating opportunities and mismatches that few can defend against.

Each game, Team USA needs to establish dominance from the start, and James is the perfect player to ensure this happens. His ability to set the tone offensively and defensively will be crucial in helping the team get off to strong starts. He has the experience to navigate high-pressure situations and the vision to find the right play every time.

James also brings a sense of urgency and a desire to make a statement. Despite his numerous accolades, winning a third Olympic gold medal is a significant motivation. His participation in the Olympics serves as a testament to his enduring dedication and commitment to excellence.

LeBron James is essential for Team USA’s success. His ball-handling skills, leadership, and experience provide the foundation the team needs to thrive. As they aim for their fifth consecutive gold medal, James’ ability to elevate those around him and manage the game will be pivotal. This Olympics offers James a chance to further cement his legacy, and he appears ready to seize it.