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Stephen Curry, Who Used Alcohol to Get Out of Warriors Slumps, Reveals Favorite Drink During Golf Rounds

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NBA stars have numerous intense battles on the court throughout the long and grueling season. However, there are certain things that are common among many of the superstars in the NBA currently. It is the love for golf and also alcohol. The same can be said about Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry who enjoys a game or two while also showing some love for alcohol. He recently sat down to talk about his love for the sport and various other things.

During the interview, he was asked about his favorite alcoholic beverage while focusing on his favorite off-court sport. Not over-complicating things, the former NBA champion revealed one of his go-to drinks which might come of as a surprise to many.

Stephen Curry reveals his favorite drink while playing golf

Stephen Curry’s love for golf is no secret. Like many other eminent names like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, he likes to have a swing once in a while.

During a recent interview with Esquire, he talked about his love for the game and also many other interesting topics. The four-time NBA champion asserted that he actually plays golf better whenever he is indulging in the game during the season. The reason being? Game time is limited during the season which is why Curry always gives his best whenever he gets to play golf.

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Moreover, he also revealed his favorite alcoholic drink during the same interview. Talking about how he likes to keep it clean, Curry said, “I am not picky at all, but usually it’s a little tequila soda. Let’s just keep it clean.”

Interestingly, Curry uses alcohol in a rather interesting way. Back in 2018, the Golden State Warriors faced the Memphis Grizzlies and Steph had a terrible performance on the court. Draymond Green called him in order to take him out for a drink and Curry promptly agreed. The next thing you know, the team won the following three games after going down 2-1.

Curry was once denied alcohol despite being 26

The former MVP is currently 34 years old, but he still has a baby face which is pointed out by fans more often than not! During an outing with his wife, this landed him in some problems.

He wanted to buy a round of beer while he was out with his wife in California Pizza Kitchen. To his dismay, he was denied alcoholic drinks because he forgot his ID card and the waitress didn’t believe he was over 21! This problem was finally solved after a word with the manager who recognized the NBA superstar instantly.