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Stephen Curry Plays Dutiful Husband Amid Hectic Olympics Schedule, Boosts Wife Ayesha’s Million-Dollar Business

Ayesha Curry wrote in the owner bio on the International Smoke website “My diversity is reflected in the way that I cook”. She couldn’t be any closer to the truth if you go through the menu of her restaurant. The million-dollar food chain offers exactly what it says and that is a diverse collection of food from all around the globe presented with a flavored twist. Naturally, one might get overwhelmed by the variety on offer, and for those Stephen Curry has a special suggestion.

Steph Curry not only prides himself on being one of the greatest point guards ever but also a dutiful husband, and a family man. Obviously, he’d micro-manage his time when it comes to separating family and profession. That was again on display recently at the USAB Olympics training camp.

The Dream Team 2.0 is gearing up for the Olympic experience in Las Vegas. Despite the preparations being in full flow, Steph did not miss out on a chance to boost her wife’s business. In a recently posted video on social media, Curry is seen greeting his fans, signing their jerseys, magazines, and shoes. The Warriors ace was in his USAB shorts with gear in the bag on his back. When a fan from the gathered crowd shot out a question about his wife’s restaurant, Curry obliged to provide an answer. The 10-time All-Star was asked for a recommendation to try at her wife’s restaurant and Curry without wasting a second suggested Korean BBQ short ribs.

Ayesha’s restaurant business co-owned with chef Michael Mina has been going strong since 2016. Curry being a supportive husband, has always encouraged Ayesha’s passion for cooking which led to the cuisine establishments. But it always wasn’t smooth sailing for Ayesha and whenever she stumbled, her husband was there to be the beacon of support.

Stephen Curry hit back at critics to save Ayesha’s business

While Ayesha’s International Smoke currently has only two outlets (San Francisco and Las Vegas), that wasn’t always the case. Ayesha’s dreams spanned over to Hawaii and Houston as well but both were closed. The Hawaii branch was closed during the pandemic and did not open again but the Houston one had a different story altogether. In 2018, the news of Ayesha opening a branch in Houston came to the surface but was met with massive backlash from the city natives. The reason was the Rockets’ defeat to the Dubs in the Western Conference Finals that year. To defend his wife’s business, Steph took to social media and wrote on his X handle, “Hey @ayeshacurry. Guess I’ll have @EatAtSmoke in Houston 2 Myself twice next year,” a clear shot at the Rockets fans.

Though the food chain was ultimately closed in December 2019, it was an honorable defeat for Steph. Steph’s recent suggestion also adds up to his efforts for wifey’s livelihood and that can only be appreciated. Leaving his newborn child and wife behind was a tough thing to do for Curry but the point guard’s immediate focus is on his duties with the national team for the Olympics next month.