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Lakers Will Most Likely Trade Cam Reddish And Christian Wood, Would Like To Keep Jaxson Hayes

NBA insider Jovan Buha discusses potential trades for the Lakers.    

In a recent episode of “Buha’s Block,” NBA insider Jovan Buha discussed potential trades involving the Los Angeles Lakers and highlighted which players the team would prefer to keep, including Cam Reddish, Christian Wood, and Jaxson Hayes. 

“It’s tough to say what type of deal. As I’ve reported Jerami Grant, Kyle Kuzma, Cam Johnson, and Dorian Finney-Smith are the names that I’ve heard that are both available on the trade market, and the Lakers having conversations with those teams about those players.” 

“If I had to guess… I look at the Lakers doing some type of 2 player vet minimum salary dump – Reddish, Wood are names I’ve heard… Jaxson Hayes I think is the guy that the Lakers would like to keep.”

“Trading Wood/Reddish attaching second round pick for a team that has cap flexibility to take them on. You create roster spots/cap room. As for the bigger trades, I know the Lakers are being active and aggressive right now. It’s hard to say if one of those is going to happen.”

According to Buha, the Lakers are actively exploring trade opportunities to enhance their roster. Among the names being discussed are Jerami Grant, Kyle Kuzma, Cam Johnson, and Dorian Finney-Smith. These players are reportedly available on the trade market, and the Lakers have been in conversations with their respective teams.

Buha emphasized the unpredictability of trades, noting that they often come as surprises and are difficult to predict with certainty. However, he suggested that the Lakers might pursue a deal involving two players on veteran minimum salaries. Specifically, Cam Reddish and Christian Wood have been mentioned as potential trade assets. 

The Lakers could package these players along with a second-round pick, protected within the top 40, to a team with cap flexibility willing to take them on. This move would help the Lakers create roster spots and free up cap space.

While Reddish and Wood are seen as potential trade candidates, Buha pointed out that Jaxson Hayes is a player the Lakers would prefer to keep. Hayes is valued for his potential and the role he can play on the team. The Lakers are likely to retain him unless a particularly compelling trade offer comes their way.

In terms of larger trades, Buha indicated that the Lakers are being proactive and aggressive in their efforts to improve the roster. However, it remains uncertain whether any significant trades will materialize. 

The Lakers are cautious about giving up too much in these negotiations, particularly when it comes to their draft picks. Buha suggested that the team is unwilling to part with two picks for players like Jerami Grant or Kyle Kuzma, preferring to retain at least one pick in these discussions.

Overall, the Lakers are actively exploring trade options, with Reddish and Wood being potential trade candidates. However, they are keen on keeping Jaxson Hayes and are cautious about over-committing their draft assets. As the trade talks progress, it will be interesting to see how the Lakers navigate these negotiations to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season.