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Kevin Durant On His Experience With Women: “She Is Not Mine, Even If She May Be My Girlfriend”

Kevin Durant has come to an interesting conclusion regarding women.  

Kevin Durant recently appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, where he revealed that he is indeed single at the moment. Co-host Mike Majlak wondered why that was the case and Durant had quite a straightforward response.

“‘Cuz I don’t want a girlfriend,” Durant said.

Popular streamer IShowSpeed was also present for this episode and he felt the reason for that was Durant had his heart broken by someone in the past.

“I wouldn’t say I had my heart broken,” Durant stated. “I started to understand women a little bit more… Early on I understood that like she’s not mine, even if she may be my girlfriend, she might be influenced by other people… I don’t trip on that relationship. If we having a good time for a moment then cool, if you end up venturing off and I do too, it is what it is.”

(starts at 9:36 mark):

Majlak asked Durant if he had never known of couples who have been married for decades. The 35-year-old stated he had, but added that he also knew of couples who were married for just a couple of weeks. Majlak felt he was focusing on just those cases but the Phoenix Suns superstar claimed he was focusing on everything.

Durant sure has an interesting perspective here. The 14-time All-Star also made some other viral comments in this episode

Durant rejected advice regarding women from Speed and added he could only be with them for a few days. These two were engaged in a hilarious back-and-forth for much of the episode, as the NBA star kept trying to keep the streamer in check.

Durant also revealed he acknowledges the “baddies” in the stands during NBA games. The 2014 NBA MVP added that someone like Rihanna is just hard not to notice. 

Getting back to those comments made by Durant not much is known about his relationship history, apart from the fact that he was briefly engaged to former WNBA player Monica Wright. Ever since they split, he has either just not entered into any serious relationship or has done a fabulous job of keeping things under wraps.

Kevin Durant Hilariously Stated He Wouldn’t Bring Any Women Around Speed

Durant and Speed provided many comical moments during this episode and there was a particularly hilarious exchange toward the end of it.

Speed: “Would you want to two-man with me?”

Kevin Durant: “Bro, I would not bring any women around you.”

Speed: “I’m good with women… I got good rizz, bro.”

Kevin Durant: “And they fresh, I’ve never met them before and their first entry point to me is with you?” (shakes his head)

Speed: “I got rizz bro. Trust me.”

Kevin Durant: “I’m not rocking.”

With the impression that Speed made on Durant in this episode, I don’t blame him for that stance. Durant also comes across as more of a solo act to me, than someone who’d be interested in a two-man game.