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Is Bronny James on the LA Lakers level? Anthony David was clear

LeBron’s eldest son has been questioned after poor performance in his first game

Los Angeles Lakers guard Bronny James watches warmup action before an NBA summer league basketball game against Golden State Warriors in San Francisco , Sunday, July 7, 2024.    

The 2024 NBA Draft left a remarkable moment in the history of the competition. The LA Lakers used one of their two picks on Broony James, LeBron’s eldest son.

The level he showed during his Summer League debut left more doubts than answers. It was not the best performance he could deliver at all. There are not many empty sports for new players, that is why The Lakers must get rid of some players in order to free up some playing time for Bronny. LA Lakers are known to seek victory every year at every stadium, therefore, many fans are thinking how will this influence the rest of the team. Does the team think he is good enough?

Before being chosen (Bronny), Davis gave his opinion about the new star. “He is very good defensively. He can read the floor very well. I think he is a good playmaker. I saw him workout a couple times, his reads.. he reads the defense, he makes the right passes… that was really impressive to me” Davis said.

In order to bloom, you must grow

After his more than improvable performance and subsequent injury in his first Summer League game, everyone is looking forward to see how the rest of his team-mates deal with Bronny’s presence. Like every other youngster he needs time and experience to develop his game, no super star has risen without trust, confidence and most importantly, playing time. Nevertheless, patience has a limit and at some point if things do not workout it will be time for decisions to be taken.

If Bronny enhances his game and helps the team to become better, everyone in the locker-room will be more than welcomed to share the stage with him. It is just a matter of time weather he gets the respect he deserves, or he sinks to the bottom of the team.