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Gilbert Arenas Reveals Why Stephen Curry’s Legacy Won’t Change Regardless of More Titles

Stephen Curry has left a lot of ambiguity over his future with the Golden State Warriors. The 4x champion expressed his desire to compete at a high level, outlining his ambitions publicly. However, Gilbert Arenas extended a contradictory viewpoint shortly after, announcing how more championship wins wouldn’t change Splash Brother’s legacy.

During the latest Gil’s Arena episode, the 3x All-Star initially declared how the Warriors potentially had no choice but to retain Curry in the future. Yet, the franchise’s aim to secure more titles could pave the way for the arrival of a younger talisman, turning the 36-year-old into a number two. This, however, could never impact the greatness of the 10x All-Star as Arenas stated,

“What do you think is gonna happen? They can’t trade him. They’ll look bad…They’re gonna try to win but at the end of the day, he has done enough. He has won four championships…At 38, 39, 40, he is not gonna be the main guy, it don’t affect his legacy”.

This portrayed one of the possibilities of the future. After two back-to-back lackluster campaigns, the organization remains determined to answer the question marks around them. To fulfill this goal, the franchise could dive into the trade market frequently in the future, changing the dynamics of the roster.

However, their endeavors should result in a significant change. Otherwise, retaining their long-serving talisman could be in jeopardy. At least that was what ‘The Golden Boy’ seemed to have hinted at.

What did Stephen Curry exactly say?

While discussing his time with the Warriors in an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill, Chef Curry expressed his wish to retire in the Bay Area. However, the cut-throat nature of the NBA business forced him to be prepared for a different possibility. Outlining his thoughts on the future, the Akron-born mentioned,

“I mean, I can clearly say I want to be a Warrior for life. It’s always been my goal, and I’m saying that sitting in this chair right now, but like you said, life, and especially life in the NBA, it is a wild environment, and things change quickly”.

So, Arenas’ words remained justified. After all, replacing Curry is an impossible task for the franchise. At the same time, they must balance the player’s ambition to compete for the title with their desire to stay at the top. As a result, the 2022 MVP may need to take the backseat in the future, building the premise for an interesting transition.