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The beauty of Britain’s most tattooed woman with millions of fans

Becky Holt calls herself Britain’s most tattooed woman, because this girl covers her body with 95% tattoos.

Becky is 33 years old and has spent around £35,000 on the hobby of tattooing. Becky has a young child and often posts photos with them on social media.

Becky recently indulged her fans in an unusual way. Accordingly, she posted photos, in which she hid all the tattoos on her face and neck with a thick layer of foundation.

Some fans claim that Becky looks younger, fresher in this look, while others believe that without the tattoo, Becky would have lost her individuality, although sometimes her appearance when No tattoo is equally beautiful.

Among Becky’s many tattoos, you can find quotes from her favorite songs and the names of her parents, as well as her favorite flower. She even dedicated a part of her leg to tattoo images from her favorite movie.

At first, Becky only tattooed in places that could be covered with clothes. After such places on the body were filled, the girl began to tattoo her face, neck and hands. Becky does not regret the decision to cover her body with tattoos and admits that it is the image of the people she loves most. Despite her strange appearance due to being covered in tattoos, Becky has a large fan base around the world.