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37 Elegant Semi-Permanent Nails From 2023 You Must See

Short nails are fashionable right now, and the colors that go well with this style of manicure are pastel tones like pink, blue, or red.

Darker hues and the French manicure are also acceptable options for people who want to stick with tradition. Aside from being more attractive, semi-permanent short nails are more comfortable for everyday use.

If you’re thinking about obtaining a long-lasting manicure, you should know the difference between permanent and semi-permanent nail paint. The application and duration of each treatment are different.

Additionally, each of them has pros and cons that you should consider before choosing any one of them.

If you have made up your mind and just want to wear nail polish for a short period of time, this collection is made for you! Scroll down to explore our favorite semi-permanent nail designs. Of course, share this article with your friends if you love our gorgeous archive!

A Collection Of Subtle Yet Delicate Nail Art Ideas

Plain Red Nails

Black Stripes


Black Dots

Pastel Purple And Glitter

Gold Decorations

Plain Black Nails

Black French Nails

Yellow French Nails



Green Nails






Nude Color


White Wiggly Lines


Gold Heart Nails

Floral Nails

Glitter French Nails



Transparent Glitter Nails