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A mother with tattoos is teased and called a “criminal” by strangers who are offended by her vibrant ink

Sarah Keirs is judged for being heavily tattooed. While some troll her and accuse her of being a “bad mum”, other strangers mistake her for a criminal because of her ink

A mum says strangers look down on her because she’s heavily tattooed.

Sarah Keirs has spent more than 100 hours under the needle in a bid to achieve her vibrant inkings.

She has portraits and floral designs that sprawl across her belly, thighs and back.

The 32-year-old, from Newcastle, Australia, often covers up the tatts by wearing trousers.

But when she was wearing shorts as she popped to the petrol station recently, she faced “rudeness” from a female cashier.

When the mental health worker got to the front of the line, she was looked up and down and scowled at by the employee.

Sarah Keirs has vibrant inkings on her back, legs, and belly (Image: SarahKeirs/Instagram)

Sarah told Daily Mail: “Scrunched up face, looking me up and down from my head to toes, her eyes were burning through me.”

Sadly, this experience wasn’t a one off.

The mum-of-three was gawped at by shop assistants when she took a trip to a retail store the following day.

Apparently, the majority of abuse comes from older members of public who mistakenly assume she’s a criminal.

Some even think Sarah is a bad parent just because she’s heavily tattooed.

Sarah typically goes out with her tattoos covered up (Image: SarahKeirs/Instagram)

But when her inkings are on show, she feels judged by others (Image: SarahKeirs/Instagram)

Sarah said: “The older generation are first to complain about younger people being rude, but they can be so hypocritical.

“I completely get from their perspective that tattoos used to be linked to crime, but things have changed and tattoos are apart of today.

“A person gets them because they want them, not because of other people. I have done this for me. I am not treating you rudely.

“You don’t have to sit there and tell me they are nice, but you don’t have to go out of your way to be nasty.”

The health worker, who got her first tattoo as a teenager, doesn’t even get respite when she stays at home.

The mental health worker refuses to let trolls bring her down (Image: SarahKeirs/Instagram)

Sarah is targeted by cruel trolls who accuse her of “ruining” her body.

But she refuses to let the opinions of strangers hold her back.

The Instagram star, who has 103,000 followers, hopes sharing her story will help to change perceptions.

She added: “We are just normal people. Our bodies are a temple. We have just painted the walls.”