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20 Unlucky Individuals Who Will Never Again Consider Getting Inked

People occasionally feel regret about both the decisions they took and the ones they didn’t because life is full of options and unexplored paths. Customers may feel two feelings, particularly after being inked: satisfaction and disappointment. If they’re fortunate, they’ll have a killer tattoo. But if they’re unlucky, their tattoo will turn out badly.

Tattoos are fascinating. It’s a way of altering the body to make some kind of statement, or to conform to an idea of what’s beautiful, or provocative, or alluring in a particular subculture. Due to the fact that most tattoos have a meaning and a backstory, they also serve as a means of ego expression for their wearer. However, it’s not safe when assigning this important work to one person that you don’t know how professional they are. You will never know if you might want to bury your head on the ground after seeing the terrible final result.

Like these people below, they are sharing their worst experiences when getting inked on Reddit. We think that those unlucky folks will never consider getting inked again. We have compiled a list of the most impressive pics of their tattoos. Scroll down to have a look. We hope that you can learn something valuable from them.

#1. Nailed it

#2. My wolf…..and its cookie lol

#3. My coworker takes the cake


#4. My sh*tsons family

#5. How do you even get it that bad?

#6. Sweet Jesus…

#7. These were supposed to be brown, but they’re super red. Trying to convince myself it’s just the inflammation and it’ll calm down. Rip my face

#8. I love it, but I know it looks kinda sh*tty. Roast me, fellas

#9. My tattoo. I hate it so much. I didn’t even ask for stars, he just added them. I want to cover it but not sure what to do LOL oh well

#10. Pawsitively awful. Found on my hometown shop’s Instagram

#11. I said yes to this

#12. The little tattoo I did on my foot, just checking for natural talent. I had none

#13. This poor guy is on my leg

#14. My tattoo gets sh*t on by my GF all the time

#15. Does this count!??? I ordered a tattoo machine from China like 8 years ago and thought I could do a tattoo. Long story short, I did something and didn’t like it so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to just tattoo over it and cover it up. This was the final outcome

#16. Unfortunately, this is from my own collection

#17. “I have 20 yrs’ experience,” he said…

#18. This sh*tty apartment tattoo of a Pikachu I got, they fucked up the left eye so I said just throw an eye patch on there lmao

#19. This is my new stag beetle tattoo!

#20. Drew my first tattoo for my golden birthday, a representation of my past that meant a lot to me, and the guy tattooed his own version of it