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15+ Plum Nail Designs That Are Perfect For Your Next Appointment

Currently, the ladies are no strangers to the beautiful plum nail designs that are extremely vibrant and prominent, bearing a bold, powerful, seductive, and intoxicating style. It has never stopped being hot and still occupies a certain position at the top of the most favorite color tones. Let’s explore the 20+ plum nail designs now!

Simple plum nail designs

The plum nail model is probably the color that has never been “hot” because it is extremely flattering and suitable for any nail shape, giving you a beautiful nail set with vibrant colors. In addition, this simple plum nail model also has a style of nobility, sophistication and especially charm. You can wear in all situations from luxurious parties to going out, meeting friends every day.


Rhinestone plum nail designs

If you are looking for a nail set that can instantly turn you into a luxurious lady, exuding your wealth and nobility, this plum nail design with small white stones will be the perfect choice. Plum, which is already an extremely sharp, powerful, and seductive color, is accentuated with sparkling white stones that will exude a beauty.



Ombre plum nail designs

The ombre plum nail pattern always has a special attraction for girls who love hot colors. If you are a lover of a nail set with only slightly red and plum colors, you must try this beautiful nail design. Bright and harmonious colors, are definitely suitable for active and lovely girls.


Cute plum nail designs

If you think that plum nail designs are only suitable for adults, maybe it’s time to change your mind and try nail designs with lovely motifs. This nail model not only make you look younger than your age but also helps you exude the lovely, slightly naughty look of teenage girls.