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Check Out These 36 Inspiring French Tip Toe Pictures And A Guide To Achieve Them!

Nowadays, not everyone wants to visit a salon. People are now looking for ways to care for their skin at home. The most recent search is for how to do a French pedicure. Is it something you can do at home?

Yes, you can perform a perfectly neat and salon-like French pedicure in your own room. But would you like to know how? If so, continue reading this article. You can also scroll down to the end of this passage to see our list of beautiful French pedicures.

How To Do French Tip Toe

Step 1: Soak Your Feet In A Luxury Foot Bath

You may be avoiding the expensive salon, but you don’t have to completely avoid the pampering that comes with a pedicure. Soaking your feet in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes not only relaxes them, but it also softens the skin and lessens the severity of unsightly foot problems such as calluses, bumps, and dry heels. After soaking your feet, gently scrub away any rough spots with a pumice stone, then towel dry both feet and generously apply a good quality foot cream or lotion. Following these steps will provide your feet with the ultimate softness and the results of a professional pedicure.

Step 2: Remove Any Existing Nail Polish And Clip And Prep Your Nails Carefully.

This is a basic maintenance step that, depending on the condition of your feet and nails, you may be able to skip. If you already have nail polish or shellac on, use a cotton ball and polish remover to remove any remaining nail color. (Keep in mind that if your previous polish was glitter or gel, you may need to scrub even harder.) After that, use nail clippers to trim each toenail, making sure to cut straight across rather than in a curved shape, which could result in ingrown toenails. This is also the time to push your cuticles back to give your toes a clean look. (Editor’s Note: As tempting as it may be, cutting your nail cuticles can result in sores and nail infections.)

Step 3: Apply White Nail Polish To The Nail Tips

Nights in white satin never end, but the white of a French mani or pedi is entirely focused on the ends. Remember this as you apply two coats of white polish to the tips of your nails. But don’t be concerned if you’re not Vincent Van Gogh. Because you’ll be fixing and making the white stripes art-gallery perfect in the following step, they can be a little sloppy (unless you started with that martini, in which case who cares about line perfection?)

Step 4: Make Your Pedicure Tips Look Beautiful

At this point, you may be cursing your decision to attempt a French pedicure at home and wondering why you valued a Michael Kors bag over a professional toenail treatment. You’ll quickly see the error of your ways — and forget about the error of your white lines. To perfect and thin out the white tips you’ve painted on each toe, simply dip your concealer or eyeshadow brush in acetone nail polish remover and use it like a small eraser. See? This isn’t all that bad! (You’ve earned a martini.)

Step 5: Finish With A Top Coat Of Clear Nail Polish


You’re almost done with this simple French manicure! Simply wait a few minutes for your white tips to dry before applying one or two coats of clear or sheer pink nail polish to each full nail. And there you have it: the classic, sophisticated, and low-cost French pedicure of your dreams!

Of course, if this at-home method proves too time-consuming, you can always purchase ready-made French manicure and pedicure nail stickers from stores such as Jamberry and Showynails. However, store-bought nails definitely cannot provide you with such a variety of creative designs as those below. Remember: “Practice makes perfect.” If you have mastered the art of French pedicure, you can freely choose any design below and recreate it in your own way.