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Weird animals with penises on top of their heads and star-shaped noses

Have you ever heard of animals with “unique” names and strange looks like ghost sharks or penis snakes? The world of wildlife always contains interesting things that perhaps we have not been able to discover all.

Ghost shark – rare and terrifying

The ghost shark has a penis-like part on the top of its head (Image: BBC)

When this creature was born on the coast of the South Island, New Zealand, it was found by scientists and became “famous” in the community for its bizarre appearance. This fish is officially known as Chimaeras fish or has similar names such as ghost shark, ghost fish or mouse fish. They are “evasive”, reclusive and rare so they are almost impossible to see and therefore very little is known about them.

Penis snakes and stunning looks

The surprising fact is that this genital-like creature is neither a snake nor a penis. It is actually a genus of amphibians in the family Typhlonectidae, in the order Gymnophiona. Penis snakes are amphibians that live in moist soil in tropical areas. Because their appearance is reminiscent of the sensitive part of men, they are likened to a giant penis or a snake.

Fact Animal

Scientists know very little about this creature. From studies in the late 1800s until the 2011 re-study, only two have been preserved. This species lives in the water, eating small fish and worms. They have no lungs, but breathe through their skin. Penile snakes have poor eyesight but have a good sense of smell to create conditions for survival.

Pink fairies with apricots – Strange animals with apricots

Lovely animals with unique shells (Image: 9GAG)

Perhaps this is an animal with a strange, unique but not hideous appearance. The pink fairy has a shell shaped like a shaggy caterpillar with a lobster-like upper body. It is the smallest animal in the family of carnivores with a length of about 13 cm. 

It’s small and can fit in the palm of your hand. Lives in the arid deserts and scrublands of the southern United States. The pink fairy with apricot is also known as the “sand fisherman” thanks to its ability to easily cross the sandy areas below ground.

The unique pink color of their carapace comes from blood being passed into the carapace to regulate heat, making it possible for them to maintain a stable temperature in hot, arid climates.

Star-nosed mole – “geologist” of the animal world

Billed as the geologist of the animal kingdom, the star-nosed mole can detect seismic waves with 25,000 sensory cell receptors that form the fleshy “tentacles” around its nose. As the only species of mole that lives in the swamp, this animal can also detect electromagnetic waves from its prey underwater. They can also smell underwater by blowing bubbles and sucking them back up their noses.

A mole with a magical nose (Image: Science Friday)

The star-nosed mole is also the fastest-eating animal in the world, taking less than a quarter of a second to finish its meal.

Naked mole rats – Rats that show no signs of aging

The naked mole rat is a type of African rat that has no hair and, in particular, shows no signs of aging. They live nine times longer than mice of similar size and rarely get seriously ill.

 This strange animal has a light pink wrinkled skin, is hairless and has sword teeth. They have sensitive touch but limited visual ability. This hairless rat can live for more than 30 years, which is the longest survival period for rodents. They have good resistance to agents that affect humans such as cancer, dementia, …

The somewhat wrinkled shape of a non-aging animal (Image: University of Cambridge)