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The guy with the unique galaxy, star and planet tattoo on his face

The tattoo artist made headlines after sharing a unique tattoo of a male client.

The tattoo artist made headlines after sharing a unique tattoo of a male client.

In a viral video posted to TikTok by Daisy Lovesick of Brisbane, Australia, a face tattoo is full of stars, planets and moons.

The Australian artist said, the two decided to choose a set of freckles that look more natural but have a slight twist.

“Along with the usual freckle shapes, we created a galaxy on Sigh’s cheekbones. As you can see, the main element of this tattoo is the beautiful glittering stars.” Daisy said.

Daisy’s client before starting the tattoo on her face

The video has been loved by nearly 16,000 beauty fans

In addition to the adorable little stars, popular tattoo artist TikTok also added a few planets to each side of his guest named Sigh’s face and the sun under his left eye. To complete the look, the light brown design also features a crescent moon at the corner of Sigh’s right eye.

”I used a number of different techniques to do this and a few more colors so that when they fade, Sigh’s skin calms down and all that swelling & redness is gone. things turned out to be really beautiful,” she added.

While the client looks pleased, as he smiles throughout the clip, Daisy added that there’s a chance Sigh could come back for another appointment in case the ink needs editing.

Daisy’s work has helped her reach a whopping 8.7 million likes on TikTok and nearly 370,000 followers

”This is absolutely one of my favorite recent projects that I’ve had to work on. I love when people come for unique ideas and push the boundaries of cosmetic tattooing,” the female tattooist shared.

One fan commented that it looked ‘cute’ and matched his personality. There are even some people who are very sad because they live so far from Australia, wishing Daisy could have tattoos on their faces too.