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30 Gorgeous bridal nail designs you shouldn’t miss

Before the big day, the bride has many things to do. In which, manicure is something not to be missed. Discover the most delicate and impressive bridal nail sets. From there, choose for yourself the most suitable nail design to help the bride become beautiful and attractive on the wedding day.

Before the big day, the bride has many things to do. In which, manicure is something not to be missed. Discover the most delicate and impressive bridal nail sets. From there, choose for yourself the most suitable nail design to help the bride become beautiful and attractive on the wedding day.

Well-groomed nail set creates accents for the bride

For many brides, the wedding day comes only once in a lifetime. Therefore, they want to appear in front of their parents, family, relatives, friends, and colleagues with the most perfect appearance.

To be the highlight of the ceremony, the brides meticulously groomed their appearance. They choose an impressive outfit, make-up, elaborate hair and delicate jewelry selection. Even the smallest details such as the nails are well cared for and decorated prominently. All together gives the bride a perfect appearance.

Some brides even invest in designing and perfecting their nails for the big day coming up. They understand that beautiful bridal nails not only help hands become attractive, but also contribute to expressing their distinct personality.

Currently, there are many unique bridal nail design ideas. Each nail design gives the bride its own unique attraction. In particular, the most chosen nail designs to mention are:

Simple gel nails

Gel nail polish is one of the current nail trends. This nail polish style is especially suitable for brides who want a simple but sophisticated nail design. Because, gel nail polish with the same clarity and tone as the nail color gives the owner a natural highlight.

If she feels the plain nail design is boring, she can try to highlight it with simple decorations. For example, draw a simple flower pattern on the nail surface. Or attaching stones to the nails is also a way to impress.


Modern nail polish

Besides delicate gel nails, glossy nail designs are also popular. Simply applying a layer of top polish to create gloss on the colored nail polish, she has got herself a delicate nail set. This nail decoration is suitable for brides who love simplicity and harmony.

Delicate textured nails

Using small motifs to decorate the bride’s nails is also a trend that you should not ignore. When used and arranged appropriately, these patterns not only do not cause eye problems but also create accents, providing a very attractive set of delicate nails.

Currently, there are two ways to decorate nail patterns. The first way is to stick stickers on the nails. This is a simple way to save time with simple nail designs. The second way is to draw patterns on the bride’s nail. The biggest advantage of this method is that it allows to create unique designs that are “unmatched”, but requires the performer to have flowers and meticulousness.

Unique ombre nails

The ombre nail design is extremely suitable to complete the impressive bridal nail set. The ombre nail design is characterized by a unique gradient effect that gives her hands an attractive highlight.

Usually, the pink and white pair is the popular choice for bridal ombre nail decoration. Besides, depending on her preferences, she can choose delicate colors such as blue or purple.

Luxurious rhinestone nails

In case she wants a sophisticated nail set, the bride’s nail design with stones is an option that should not be missed. Sparkling stones, if carefully selected and properly arranged, will not be distracting.

In contrast, the stone nail design makes an impression and emphasizes the bride’s sophistication. Besides stones, other accessories such as fake flowers, mother of pearl or metal charms are also added to create attractive accents for the nails.

The rhinestone design is one of the favorite decorations of brides. Beautiful nail designs for the bride are decorated with gorgeous stones to create accents to make her hands much more attractive. The large and small stones of many colors when combined properly will bring a very harmonious and splendid nail.

Impressive transparent nails

Besides using nude colors, transparent nail polish is also a suitable choice for those of you who love simplicity. These nail designs are not too picky, but they are enough to create a highlight to help her become more beautiful on the big day.

Metallic Nails

Besides rhinestones, metal studs are also a way to decorate the bride’s nails. Shiny metal nails create attractive accents for the hands. They made her radiate her elegance and beauty. Surely this beautiful nail design will help her become the most beautiful person on the wedding day.

Simple lace pattern nails

Using lace motifs is one of the “classic” decorative ways but never goes out of fashion. Especially when designing bridal nails with this type of motif will help her nails become attractive without being boring. Besides, the lace-patterned nail is extremely suitable for girls with a gentle, soft and gentle personality.


Delicate plaid nail

Besides lace motifs, plaid design should also be considered when choosing a beautiful nail model for the bride. Although they are just simple intersecting lines, just changing the number, angle and thickness of the nail will give us a beautiful nail without fear of collision.

Nail painting with gentle flowers

Nail designs with floral motifs are always popular with brides. Floral drawings appearing on the nails contribute to showing the femininity and sophistication of the girls. In addition, the image of flowers also symbolizes the love of the couple “bringing flowers and bearing fruit”.

The flower nail designs are extremely neat and eye-catching. This nail design is not too picky but it is enough to create accents for the hands. When appearing with floral nail designs, she will show her sophistication.

Luxury french nails

Sometimes just creating a gentle highlight is enough to make beautiful nail designs for the bride. The french nail is characterized by the tip of the nail being painted in a different color to create a gentle highlight. This is a beautiful nail decoration for the bride that is simple but extremely effective.

Mysterious zodiac pattern nails

If she wants to have the most unique nails, why not try decorating her nails with zodiac motifs. These highly personalized nail designs are definitely the choice for strong-willed brides who like to be the “center of attention”.

Glitter Bridal Nails

Glitter is a simple way to create a beautiful nail design for the bride . The added layer of glitter creates a highlight that makes the nails sparkle much more eye-catching. With glitter nail polish. She just needs to put her hand through her hair to attract all eyes.

Depending on the dress concept, the bride chooses the appropriate nail design. If she is looking for a simple but sophisticated nail design, the light colored nail polish decorated with glitter is the perfect choice.


White bridal nails

White is one of the most loved base colors when it comes to manicure. White color is especially suitable for the bride to decorate her nails on the wedding day. Because, this color symbolizes the beginning of an important period and pure emotions. The white bridal nail, if accented with a few decorative details, is enough to become special.

Red bridal nail

Besides white, red is also chosen for bridal nail design. This color symbolizes enthusiasm, intense emotions and burning love. Surely, when appearing with a red nail, the bride will become much more attractive and prominent.

Natural nude nail color

Simple nail designs are always a good choice for brides. In it, we need to mention that the nude nail design gives her a natural highlight that is extremely attractive. Just simply paint your nails with a gentle nude tone. This way, her hands will become attractive while remaining natural.

Pink bridal nail

Pink symbolizes the couple’s love and happy married life. Therefore, surely pink bridal nail is an option that should not be missed. The nail designs with the main pink tone will help show the femininity of the girls.

Nude bridal nail color

Nude nail polish is increasingly loved by young people. This is a nail polish color that gives the bride a simple but elegant nail design. It emphasizes her gentle and genuine personality.

Bridal nail ombre

If you regularly update nail trends, then surely you are no stranger to ombre nail design. They are painted nails that create a gradient effect that brings vividness and excitement to the hands. The change from light to dark tones helps the nail, although it is simply decorated, but gives her a strong attraction.

Feminine pastel nails

Usually, gentle nail designs are the right choice for the majority of brides on their wedding day. In particular, pastel colors that are both gentle and sweet are always favored by young people. When wearing a pastel coat, the nail set shows that the owner is a girly girl and always cares about others.

Notes when the bride does nails

Nail decoration is one of the steps to prepare for the wedding day. Therefore, even this needs to be carefully planned to bring about the most perfect wedding ceremony possible. When doing nails, the bride should note the following:

  • Nails should only be done at the time of the wedding day. The reason for this advice is so that the elaborate nail designs do not interfere with daily activities as well as avoid the problem of nail damage due to not knowing how to care.
  • You should have a nail care plan if you paint directly on your nails. In addition, applying nail powder is also a way to handle if her nails are not long before the wedding day.
  • Pay attention to hand and nail care. You should regularly trim the skin and nails to keep the shape. In addition, using Vaseline moisturizer will help maintain a smooth, flawless white hand.

Impressive bridal nail design at Beauty World

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