The Girl Tattooed Her Whole Body To Turn Herself Into A Dragon

After spending billions of dong on plastic surgery to alter her body and getting her entire body tattooed, including her eyeballs, the 27-year-old woman declared herself to be a dragon.

Amber Luke, a 27-year-old model, comes from Brisbane, Queensland’s state city in Australia. She has a respectable number of Instagram followers—nearly 30,000. Due to her peculiar appearance and extensively tattooed chest, which leaves almost no place for her face, she is well-known on the internet.

Girl Tattooed
Amber Luke is famous online for her strange appearance, covered with tattoos.

Amber defines herself as a “Blue eyes white dragon” on her personal page.

The 9x female model talked about how she became “dragon girl” on Australia’s morning chat show Studio 10 earlier this month.

Girl Tattooed
Amber appeared on television to discuss how she changed her figure.

Amber admitted that she spent over 25,000 USD (or 5.8 billion VND) on tattoos and cosmetic surgery. Particularly, she presently has more than 600 tattoos on her body. In addition, she had a Brazilian butt lift, nose job, pointed ears, cheek and lip augmentation, and breast augmentation.

Amber didn’t stop there; she also engaged in a green eyeball surgery. Because the tattoo artist inserted the needle too deeply into her eyeball during this risky procedure, she was momentarily rendered blind for three weeks.

“They really stuck a needle in my eye. Each eye receives it four times. Another injected as the first kept my eyes open. However, the procedure was not correctly carried out by the tattoo artist. He allowed the needle to pierce my eye too deeply. It was very painful,” she remarked.

Amber, though, is adamant that she doesn’t regret her choice to alter her appearance. She was content with her odd appearance.

Amber is a blonde with a nice, plump face in antique photographs. Amber believed that her former self was merely an average girl, despite the fact that many people had previously commended her for her genuine and unadulterated beauty.

Girl Tattooed
Amber before and after surgery, tattoo.

Amber served customers as a topless waiter in a restaurant before to becoming well-known. She shifted to earning money on the UK’s 18+ paid social network, OnlyFans.

Girl Tattooed
Girl Tattooed
Amber earns money on social media with 18+ photos and videos.

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