How To Wear A Crop Top For Plus Size Women

Some people may think that crop tops are only suitable for slim girls, however this is not true as they can accentuate the curvy figure of girls with an plus size body.

A girl who likes her body and is happy of her plus size is admirable in a time when society imposes strict standards for what constitutes beauty. However, people who appreciate fashion and feel beautiful in any clothing are even more attractive. If you are a female with attractive curves, here are some instances where you can wear a crop top.

Top For Plus Size Women

Choose a larger size

Top For Plus Size Women

Choosing an oversized crop top It is one of the best ways to disguise the puppet. It also makes the wearer not uncomfortable as well. while choosing to wear a small size or stretchable crop top For some people, it may cause discomfort. So any chubby girl likes something casual. It is advisable to choose a larger or loose crop top.

Use a smocked

Top For Plus Size Women

Crop A smocked crop top is a shape that has an elastic part on the chest, waist or upper arm, depending on the style you choose. The smocked shape allows chubby women to wear crop tops in small size women comfortably and without being uncomfortable.

Silk crop top

Top For Plus Size Women

Silk crop top Suitable for curvy women who do not like to wear a crop top that is too tight. which a thin silk crop top It is an item that is worn not only to make you feel comfortable. But it also makes chubby girls look sexy and minimal.

Open the top

Top For Plus Size Women

Choosing to wear a crop top with an open top. It will help divert the eyes from the middle of the body quite well. Which chubby woman who wants to try to wear a crop top with an open top It is recommended to match with your favorite skirt or pants. Guaranteed to increase your self-confidence as well.

Match with high waisted pants

Top For Plus Size Women

Wearing a crop top with high-waisted pants Suitable for chubby girls who do not want to show their belly. Or want to keep the shape to see the waist a little to make it crunchy. The important thing is to be sure that this look is definitely not porn.

Match with an exam skirt

Top For Plus Size Women

Matching a crop top with a fitted skirt Suitable for chubby girls who want to dress up a sour look. Or want to show off your sexiness in a classy way?

Add a gimmick with a robe

Top For Plus Size Women

For those chubby girls who want to wear a crop top. but still not fully confident in himself It is recommended to add a gimmick with a robe. Ensure that in addition to helping to camouflage the puppet It’s also a crop top match that makes it look interesting as well.

Wearing as a set

Top For Plus Size Women

Choosing to wear a crop top as a set. It is one of the techniques that chubby girls should not miss. Because this method helps to make the shape of a plump woman look slimmer and taller than before.

How are you doing with the technique of wearing cropped tops for curvy women? That will help make you look good and have more confidence. Each method is extremely basic. Depends on the girls Which method is convenient to use? Most importantly, it has to be a self-assured look. So it will make it more fun to wear a crop top.

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