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19 Whimsical Moon Tattoos For Women

If you’re a woman looking for a tattoo that is both beautiful and whimsical, a moon tattoo may be the perfect design for you. Moon tattoos are a popular choice for women, and it’s easy to see why. The moon is a symbol of femininity, mystery, and power, and a tattoo can be a beautiful […]

If you’re a woman looking for a tattoo that is both beautiful and whimsical, a moon tattoo may be the perfect design for you.

Moon tattoos are a popular choice for women, and it’s easy to see why. The moon is a symbol of femininity, mystery, and power, and a tattoo can be a beautiful way to express those qualities.

There are endless design possibilities when it comes to moon tattoos, from simple crescent moons to detailed lunar phases and eclipses. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can also incorporate the moon into a larger tattoo design, such as a landscape or portrait. Whether you prefer a small and delicate tattoo or something bold and dramatic, there’s a moon design that’s perfect for you.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Gray and White Moon Tattoo

I love the look of this gray and white moon tattoo. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. You would never guess that this is actually a cover-up tattoo.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Crescent Moon Smiling Face

A crescent moon smiling face tattoo is a fun choice for people who want to show their playful side. The design is simple yet eye-catching, and it can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Red Moon

If you want a tattoo that’s tiny and still eye-catching, this outline of a red moon is a good choice. The color red is associated with passion, energy, and strength, making it the perfect choice for a tattoo design.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon Ankle Tattoo

Moon ankle tattoos are a great small tattoo option. They can be simple or elaborate, and they offer a great way to show off your personality. Moon ankle tattoos are also relatively easy to cover up if you need to, which is always a bonus.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon and Flowers

A floral moon tattoo is a beautiful way to show your love of nature. The moon is a symbol of feminine energy, while flowers are traditionally associated with fertility and growth. When combined, these two elements create a tattoo that is both powerful and elegant.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Creative Moon Tattoo

Get inspired by this creative moon tattoo. Although this tattoo was done using black ink, I think that a unique moon tattoo such as this would also look great with colored ink.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Tiny Moon on Wrist

You can’t go wrong with this delicate moon tattoo that’s located on the wrist. If you’re looking for a tattoo that is both beautiful and meaningful, consider a small tattoo such as this.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Lunar Phases

Lunar phase tattoos are a popular moon design. Many people choose to get lunar phase tattoos because they represent the cycles of life. The moon goes through different phases every month, and each phase has its own meaning.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Sun and Moon

This sun and moon tattoo is gorgeous. The sun is often associated with positive qualities like warmth, life, and energy, while the moon is often seen as a symbol of mystery, intuition, and emotion. Together, they represent the perfect balance of opposites.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Floral Moon

A floral moon tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to express yourself. The design features a crescent moon with a floral design incorporated within the tattoo.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon with Blue Flowers

This tattoo is so delicate and feminine. The blue flowers add an element of tranquility and peace. You could also go with purple flowers which represent wisdom and bravery.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Colorful Moon Tattoo

This colorful moon tattoo is absolutely striking. The color choices are wonderful, and the artist did a great job with the shading of this piece.

Matching Friendship Tattoo

This design is actually a matching friendship tattoo. One of the tattoos says “Love by the moon,” and the other says “Live by the sun.”

Moon Phases

You just can’t go wrong with a moon phase tattoo. Here’s a design that includes just three phases, which shows you don’t have to get every phase to have a nice tattoo.

Cute Little Moon

Here’s a great location to get a tattoo. This cute little moon is located just above the elbow. I really like the addition of the waves and shining star.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon and Vine

If you take a look at the moon design, you can see that it was done using the stippling technique (dotwork). The addition of the vine gives this tattoo a unique look.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is a wonderful place to show off your tattoo. You can have a crescent moon, half moon, or even full moon tattoo. You can also add stars, planets, or other celestial objects to your tattoo.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Poppy Flower and Moon Phases

Combining the poppy flower with the moon can have many meanings. The poppy flower has been associated with different things over the years. For example, in ancient Greece, the poppy was used as a symbol of sleep and peace.

Whimsical Moon Tattoos
Moon Made of Flowers

This whimsical moon tattoo was created by combining flowers into the crescent moon shape. If you want a delicate tattoo design idea, let this inspire you.

Moon tattoos come in a variety of different styles and designs, making them perfect for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or something that covers a larger space, there’s definitely a moon tattoo out there for you.