7 Guiding Principles For Wearing High Heels That Every Woman Should Follow

A attractive girl is self-assured, intelligent, aware of her desires, adept at dressing, and of course, an expert heel wearer. For other girls, wearing heels is neither necessary nor preferred, and that is totally OK because everyone dresses in whatever makes them feel good.

You should study the advice we’ve provided if you want to find out how to walk in heels with greater assurance without seeming like a fat woman. You’ll soon experience a truly seductive and breathtaking feeling if you adhere to them exactly.

It’s your size

Wearing High Heels

Please! Never wear heels that are excessively wide or too little, or else you risk damaging your feet for a few hours as you tolerate the discomfort. Or do your heels fall off when you walk? No! Always take a measurement of your feet before purchasing a pair of shoes.

Walk confidently

Wearing High Heels

Once you’ve found a pair of comfortable heels that suit you, you should play the part of Jessica Rabbit when wearing them. What was her secret? Straight back, shoulders back, forward gaze, and forward-facing posture.

Know how to mix colors

Wearing High Heels

If you can’t effectively blend colors, you’ll end up looking like a Christmas tree. Choose neutral heels if you’re wearing a vividly colored top for a more refined and stylish appearance.

There are high boots

Wearing High Heels

When we wear short dresses, high boots add that sexy touch and make the legs look long and thick. Do you need more justification to obtain yours?

Give straps a try

Wearing High Heels

Nothing is more seductive than strappy heels; they make your legs appear longer and keep your feet cool without losing flair. This kind of footwear looks best when paired with a skirt, shorts, or tights.

Use animal prints

Wearing High Heels

One of the shirts shouts, “Look at me, I’m hot!” Despite the animal print, don’t go overboard! Remember that this print should only be used to emphasize or add elegance to one element of your whole outfit. It is an excellent option for shoes.

Pedicure care

Wearing High Heels

If your feet don’t look decent, what good are a good attitude, excellent clothes, and nice heels? Do your nails every day. You can receive a massage, file your feet, and color your nails at home instead of going to a beauty parlor.

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