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Tаttooing іrіses, іnsertіng needleѕ, keyсhains… to beаutify the eyeѕ

Tаttooing іs everyone’ѕ hobby, but tаttooing on the eyeѕ іs а ѕcary thіng. Thіs tyрe of tаttoo іs done by іnjectіng dye іnto the membrаne of the eyebаll.

Eyeball tattoo

Tattooing is everyone’s hobby, but tattooing on the eyes is a scary thing. This type of tattoo is done by injecting dye into the membrane of the eyeball.

Eyeball tattoo is said to be an emerging trend in the US and quickly spread to many countries around the world. Despite dangerous warnings such as possible blindness and cancer from medical experts, many young people still follow this trend.

Attach foreign body to eye

Emerging from the beginning of this year, the trend of attaching foreign objects to the eyes has attracted many young people. The images are attached mainly stars, hearts.

It is known that this trend originated in Japan and was quickly updated by followers. However, eye experts also warn about the danger of this type of beauty, but young people still defy it all. To begin the process, the surgeon injects anesthetic into the eye, then makes a small incision to insert the jewelry. Each such surgery costs about 3000 USD.

Hook eyes with everyday objects

The new trend that has hit the internet recently will surely make you shiver. Instagram account Eyexam now specializes in posting pictures of people hooking everything into their eyes.

More shockingly, this account attracts more than 110,000 followers daily. The goosebumps posted here detail an iris sprinkled with glitter, or a flower petal tucked between a young girl’s eyelids. Some images are even more horrifying such as clamping tweezers in the corner of the eye, placing a broken mirror on the iris of the eye, and even putting a padlock on the lower eyelid.

Eyeball advice

Not long ago, Anime fans will probably not be too strange with the image of eyeballs. Therefore, the use of colored and dilated contact lenses has not yet satisfied young people, so they choose to wear eyeballs as a way of beauty. These people wear jewelry inside their eyes as part of being human.

A small, thin piece of platinum is implanted under the cornea to pierce through.

Before the eyeball was advised, it was also recommended that it is difficult to remove if you regret it. However, many young people are still determined to follow the trend to the end.