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8 Charming Nail Colors for 2023 to Wow Anybody

We were treated to so many beautiful nail art ideas last year. The year 2023 is going to be amazing with its numerous gorgeous color schemes. This year, minimalism styles are the main focus under the new tagline “less is more.” Although hues steal the show in nail painting, textures and finishes still matter a lot.

So what are the hottest shades of 2023? Nails experts and celebrity stylists such as Yan Tee, Ashleigh Bamber, and Rose Tucker have predicted some of the colors that might be trendy this year. Lavender, vibrant blue, and classic chocolate brown are a few of them. Curious about other shades? Then keep reading.

This list is your go-to manicure guide for 2023. It will give you enough inspiration for the rest of the year. Don’t miss out and keep scrolling to find the hottest nail colors!

1. Lavender


2. Sour Green


3. Chocolate Brown


4. Oat Milk


5. Candied Orange


6. Silver Chrome


7. Vibrant Blue


8. Jade Green