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Inspired by celebrities, here are the nail designs you should try

Top stars are always trendsetters and know how to stand out. After the recent fashion weeks and red carpet events, a few nail ideas that came from them were discovered.

From minimalist to sophisticated, from gorgeous to groundbreaking, celebrity-inspired nail designs come in hundreds of different shades for you to choose from.

If you love nail art , you must have known how to paint nails or paste logo stickers of fashion brands, typically Chanel or Dior. This method is not only creative but also helps you become more fashionable and luxurious.

Nail art studded with gold and silver stones on nude paint colors meets the preferences of many people. Among them are believers looking for a minimalist look to those who love novel dotted lines. 

Metallic colors are not only covered in clothing designs, but they also spill over into beauty trends, including nail polish. This is a subtle, beautiful choice but also extremely personal and breakthrough. 

Red or crimson are the most popular colors when you apply nail polish because they brighten the skin of the wearer, bring aristocratic and luxurious beauty, suitable for both long and short nails.

In the summer, vibrant vibrant colors will be “revived”, especially blue colors and floral motifs. As a person who loves color blocking style, you must definitely own a set of these nails.

Having been a hot trend for a long time, pastel purple brings a romantic and dreamy beauty. Very suitable to wear with floral skirts, two-piece tops or youthful, sexy mini skirts.

The color palette that represents women is sweet pink . Whether you are pursuing a sexy sexy style or playfully cute, you must at least once experiment with this color.

Gothic-inspired pieces have dominated the catwalks and street styles in recent months, so it’s no surprise that this aesthetic has also influenced nail art. Black nail polish represents a mysterious and magical look, very suitable for girls with strong personality and personality.

One of the most classic and popular nail designs in the world is French nail polish. At a prestigious awards ceremony recently held, Gigi Hadid applied this style, she modeled for long, square nails with thicker white lines than the original nail model.

The above nail designs inspired by celebrities and fashionistas will give you more diverse options to create your nails. In particular, not only is it easy to coordinate, but these nail designs are very simple, you can completely do it yourself at home.