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79 Incredible Hand Tattoo Ideas for Both Men and Women

Unlike the back or the arm, there is not much flat, blank space to tattoo on the hands. But what makes the hand such a unique tattoo placement is that it is rarely covered. With such high exposure, you will want something both aesthetically pleasing and personal.

Though the hands are not a big canvas, there are some sub-placements to choose from – the palm, the fingers, the thumb. Or you can get a full hand tattoo covering the entire hand.

While men may prefer tattoos with dense colors and thick lines, hand tattoos for women are often simpler, more decorative, and elegant. So if you are looking for ink that is both expressive and beautiful, this list of hand tattoos for women is for you.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support. 

Amazing Hand Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

A beautiful hand tattoo doesn’t need to be intricate. Because the hand is smaller than the back, the arm, or the thigh, simple tattoos fit better into the placement. If you are a minimalist and appreciate something elegant and simple, the following tattoo ideas are for you.


Leaves hand tattoo

Natural elements like the leaves and vines are perfect to tattoo on the hand. To keep it simple and nice, you can tattoo one small leaf on the finger. Or you can multiply and tailor-make to the shape of the placement.

Blue leaves finger tattoo


One way to make a simple leaf tattoo unique is to add color, like this stunning blue tattoo wraps around the index finger.

Small botanical hand tattoo


Floral bracelet tattoo

Bracelet tattoos or hand band tattoos refer to those that wrap around the wrist or the arm. They are not just ink but also a piece of jewelry like this small bracelet wrist tattoo. It resembles a bracelet made of flowers. The combination of green and white adds freshness to the tattoo, making it perfect for young girls. Check out our interview with the tattooist Ovenlee to know more about her work.

Vine finger tattoos

Small crystal butterfly hand tattoo


Butterflies represent beauty, the pursuit of freedom and transformation. They can be small and fit on the hand. But just because they are tiny doesn’t mean they are dull. And this small butterfly is proof.

The light blue color of the wings creates a crystal-like transparent effect. The tattoo feels airy, like a real butterfly resting on the skin.

Butterfly and flower hand tattoo

Small butterfly tattoo


Single-line hand tattoo


For minimalists, lines and simple shapes are all it takes to create a unique tattoo, just like this one here. With a single line stretching on the side of the hand, this is not some common tattoo you will see each day.

Small single-line on the finger


Simple tattoos are often timeless. This small one-line tattoo resembles the shape of a mountain. It wraps around the middle finger like a ring. It is a reminder to never lose the desire to explore.

Simple cross wrist tattoo


Small star hand tattoo


A star looks great wherever you put it, just like this simple symbolic star tattoo. But, to really make it shine, you can put it near the tip of the finger.

Eye hand tattoo

The eyes are the window of a soul. Across cultures, an eye can be a divine symbol, meaning that whatever you do, god is watching. It can also be a talisman that wards off bad energy and protects the wearer.

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra, or Eye of Horus, is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing protection. The eye was believed to belong to the god of the sun. And it was usually seen on jewelry.

As a tattoo, the Eye of Ra can give the wearer strength to power through difficulties in life.

Name tattoo on the hand


Word tattoos are popular among minimalists. And if you find the right word, a simple word tattoo can be meaningful. This vertical name tattoo on the hand is exactly that. It’s the name of the wearer’s daughter. Because the area is never covered, it serves as a constant reminder of family and love.

One-word hand tattoo

“Angel energy” inner finger tattoo

“My baby” simple hand tattoo


“Gravity” one-word tattoo


Greek word tattoo


The letters IXOYE are the acronym of five Greek words: Iesous, Xristos, Theou, Yios, and Sotare. Respectively, they mean Jesus, Christ, Son, God, and Savior. It also means “fish” in Greek.

This letter hand tattoo might not make sense to someone who doesn’t know the language. But for those who understand its meaning, it will no doubt be a conversation piece.

To the stars


“Bang bang”




Small number hand tattoo


Numbers are another great tattoo idea if you opt for something simple and personal. Think about your birth date, the year you got married, or the number of your first room in a new city. You can always find a number that means a ton to you. And that is what will make a simple hand tattoo timeless.

Small snake hand tattoo


People love snake tattoos for a reason. They have elongated, curvy body shapes, making them perfect for the arm, the finger, and the legs. The snakes are also dangerous and mysterious creatures, which as a tattoo, adds badass vibes to the wearer.

Finger heart cute small hand tattoo


Matching straight line tattoos for couple


What can be simpler than a straight-line ring finger tattoo? These matching hand tattoos for couples are not just minimalist. They will probably last longer than a ring, which represents the couple’s eternal love.

Vine ring finger tattoos


Matching music tattoo



Gradient circle hand tattoo


How cute are these matching hand tattoos! The gradient colors are what make the simple design pop out.

Lover one-word tattoo


Minitial tattoo


Not everyone wants a full name tattoo on highly exposed placements like the hand. And getting initial tattoos might be a better idea in this case.

Oriental dragon hand tattoo


Rose hand tattoo

A rose has always been among the most popular tattoos for women. It represents purity, beauty, and love, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. A rose tattoo of untraditional patterns on the leaves makes it stand out even more.

Simple smiley face


Small burning fire


Are you a passionate person? Do you have dreams that keep you awake at night? If so, a small flame tattoo on the finger may speak to you.

Small fish inner finger tattoo


Small heart hand tattoo

Tiny lady bug hand tattoo


Small lotus middle finger tattoo


The Lotus flower represents calmness and inner peace in Buddhism. And having a lotus tattoo on the finger will keep the wearer grounded when she feels overwhelmed.

Small sunflower hand tattoo


Snow flake


The dancing flower


Who doesn’t love a cute, dancing flower? Of course, it’s outlined in black. But it doesn’t undermine its liveliness. On the contrary, it’s so cheerful that it puts a smile on your face every time you look at it.

Tiny butterfly hand tattoo


Tiny four-leaf clover


The four-leave clover is not only an Irish symbol of good wishes. Respectively, the four leaves represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

Tiny heart tattoo

Small leaves tattoo


Tiny planet hand tattoo


Tiny semi-colon tattoo


The semi-colon might look small. But it’s s significant symbol in mental health tattoos.

Grammatically, a semi-colon indicates that a sentence stops briefly but will continue on. It’s a symbol of not giving up after mental struggles. And it’s often used by mental illness survivors to represent their hope and faith.


Birds tattoo


Birds are symbols of freedom. The birds look like they are flying on the skin in this tattoo because the tattooist perfectly captures the birds’ movements and postures.

Intricate bird on the hand


Rose and bird hand tattoos


The tattoos on both hands don’t need to be identical. Take these thumb tattoos, for example. The bird and the rose represent freedom and beauty. Though they are two different elements, the same illustration style keeps the tattoos cohesive.

Oriental landscape wrist tattoo


Butterfly and knot tattoo


Red knots are often associated with luck and happiness in eastern countries like China and Korea. This beautiful knots and butterfly tattoo carries the best wishes in a feminine way.

Whale and rose hand tattoo


Snake tattoo on the hand




Red dragon hand tattoo


Ornamental thumb tattoos for women


Lotus flower hand tattoo


Spider lily hand tattoo

Spider lily is beautiful for its unique shape. When it blooms, the petals turn slightly inward like the claw of a spider. But what makes this hand tattoo stand out is the color. The blue is not only elegant but untraditional for flower tattoos. And this design will belong to someone who dares to be different.

Black ornament


Interstellar hand tattoo


Ornamental palm tattoo


Brushstroke on the palm


Want an artistic tattoo to show off your aesthetics? Consider a simple yet stunning brushstroke like this one.

Stunning ornaments on hand


Cry later ignorant tattoo

Floral cross


A cross tattoo is not only a decoration but also a symbol of religion. This floral vintage cross is a reminder to always have faith and do the right thing.

Small ornaments


Star in the center of the hand


Pendant thumb tattoo


Some people see tattoos as a way to express their beliefs or make a statement. But for others, tattoos are like jewelry that complements their style.

This pendant tattoo falls into the second category. With the pendant dropping downward, this tattoo looks as stunning as a genuine gemstone hanging on the hand.

Ornamental hand tattoo


White ink hand tattoo

White ink is a type of ink used in tattoos that will glow under UV light. The glow will last for 45 days to 60 days. Later, it will fade into the natural skin color.


Henna hand tattoo


Henna tattoos are created with natural dye from the henna tree. Typically, a henna tattoo may last for two weeks before it fades. So if you want a bold tattoo, it’s a good idea to experiment with something temporary like henna tattoos.

Black foliage full hand tattoo


Blackwork butterfly tattoo


Feminine full hand tattoo




Abstract face tattoo