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The Best Ideas for Your First Small Tattoo

If you are looking for interesting ideas for your first ink, you will surely be able to find a sketch suitable for you among the infinite variety of small tattoos.

Small tattoo is often used as mere an accessory, without giving much importance to the definition of the tattoo.

Of course, if you desire to wear a small but meaningful drawing, you will easily find such a design. As a rule, ink concepts with a rich connotation, such as infinity for example, retain their meaning and importance at any size.

Advantages of Small Tattoos

Small tattoos have a very huge advantage. You can easily mix them with other images. If, for instance, you pick a small sketch with numbers, and you want to complete a large image with it, you can be sure that the meaning of the tattoo with numbers will be equal to the content of the large image. Moreover, it can even surpass it in significance.

One of the great advantages of small tattoos is that these tattoos require minimal time and minimal financial resources. If you change your mind after getting the tattoo and want to pick a different design, don’t worry. You can easily remove these tattoos. And if you need to hide your tattoo for a while, it will also be easy due to its small size.

A small tattoo in accordance with its size also causes less pain during the creation of the design. Of course, the degree of feeling of pain is different for everyone. However, taking into account the fact that painting a small tattoo takes an average of 30 minutes, you can conclude that the pain will be relatively bearable.

Constellations And Planets Small Tattoo

If you want your ink to be very personal and directly related to you, then a constellation image tattoo is a great idea. You can wonderfully combine constellation designs with planets or other cosmic figures.