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Impressive and youthful green nails that make you fall in love

The fresh blue nail designs bring a sense of luxury and nobility to the wearer, while exalting the white skin of the hands. Not too new, but blue nails always have a strong attraction.

Blue is one of the classic colors in beauty , especially with nail designs . It pairs great with many other tones or can also stand “alone”, all exuding elegance and elegance.

Simple but never boring and less stylish is the plain nail polish. With an impressive deep blue paint finish, a glossy finish adds to the eye-catching effect.

With this color, you can freely create a variety of nail designs, such as combining with glitter strips or multi-colored shimmer particles.

The “cat’s eye” paint style is a combination of gel polish with shimmer to create beautiful effects, glittering and clear light streaks. You will be amazed at the dramatic beauty that blue brings in this cat eye paint.

Using blue, turquoise and silver glitter to create intricate, meticulous swirls is a favorite design of elegant, soft ladies.

Blue nails with emulsion and tone help you bring a feeling of lightness and sophistication. Dotted with new patterns to become unique and outstanding. Owning this nail model helps you confidently show off your personality and charm.

This nail design is both simple and elegant, giving the viewer a feeling of serenity and comfort.

Combining multiple colors on the same nail is a unique way to make your nails more interesting and impressive.

The clear jelly color palette combined with the attachment of sparkling stone charms will make you create an extremely luxurious and trendy nail design.

Combined with heart motifs, sequins will make your hands more attractive than ever.

The blue color is not too picky and is suitable for many situations from the office, going out or luxurious parties. Owning this nail model combined with various textures or stones will help enhance the attractive charm for anyone who owns it.