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99 Simple beautiful nail designs for luxurious girls

Besides beautiful nail designs , girls should also take care of their feet with beautiful and luxurious nail designs. If you are stuck with ideas, let ideassimple tell you simple but very good nail designs in this article!

Simple but beautiful stone-studded foot nails

Simple but beautiful stone-studded pedicure is always the choice of many women. Your feet will stand out and be more luxurious thanks to this stone nail style .

Nails studded with stones (Source: Collectibles)

For girls who love lightness, they can paint through a thin layer of gel and then attach a simple stone. Besides, adding a few stones, pearls or glitter will help increase the uniqueness and sophistication of this pedicure.

Beautiful and gentle stone nail designs (Source: Collectibles)

Luxurious red stone nail design (Source: Collectibles)

Simple flower nail design (Source: Collectibles)

Beautiful simple black foot nails

If you are looking for a simple and gentle pedicure, this black nail design is a perfect choice for you. 

Black foot nails (Source: Collectibles)

To increase the uniqueness and personality, you can also mix it with glitter or gold glitter!

Black foot nails mixed with glitter paint (Source: Collectibles)

Simple beautiful and gentle white foot nails

If the black tone has a mysterious beauty, the white color is suitable for girls who pursue simple and elegant beautiful nail designs.

This beautiful, simple and gentle white nail design is not only not “picky” about skin tone but also easy to coordinate.

Simple beautiful red nail 

Vibrant red represents glamor and elegance. Therefore, when it comes to simple but beautiful pedicures, you should definitely not ignore this red tone.

With a coating of paint combined with a few lines or a few stones, you have a simple beautiful red nail design.

Simple but beautiful foot nails for dark skin

To choose simple beautiful nail designs for dark skin, you first need to choose the right paint colors.

If you are a girl who loves dynamism and youthfulness, ideassimple thinks that the colors of white, red, … combined with textures or stones are a perfect choice.

If you are still wondering about beautiful pedicures for dark-skinned girls , please refer to this article to soon have the right nails.

Cute dairy cow’s foot nails

Dairy cow pattern foot nails are not only loved by many women but also a simple beautiful nail design for students.

Although not too fussy, this simple beautiful nail design is extremely cute and creative.

In addition to the milky cow color nail design, there are many other cute and simple nail designs . Join ideassimple to update the trend. 

Simple Gucci pedicure

Gucci is one of the famous big fashion brands. Therefore, the inspiration from this brand’s logo has created a unique and new look for simple but extremely luxurious Gucci nail designs.

Simple beautiful nail designs for students

Monochrome leg nails

This is one of the simple nail designs for students . Because it not only brings simple beauty but also extremely luxurious.

Beautiful365 thinks that you should alternate between your toes in order of light and dark to help this monochrome nail design no longer be boring.

For individual girls, you can increase the attraction with other accessories such as rhinestones!

Baby pattern foot nails 

Baby pattern nail design is considered as one of the simple beautiful foot nails for students that you should try once.

Thanks to these small, pretty flower patterns, they will help embellish the beautiful pedicure but also become more unique and creative.

A few simple motifs will also help you create more impression and attract the opposite person. Moreover, when combined with colors such as orange, yellow or green, the nail design will be more harmonious and full of life.

Nail ombre

Ombre foot nails are not only popular with many women but also a simple beautiful nail model for students.

If you are a girl who pursues personality, red and black is an ideal choice. Because this color tone is both attractive and mysterious, it helps you shine in the eyes of others.

In addition, the ombre nail designs combined with a layer of glitter paint will help your feet more attractive and sparkling.

Hopefully with this article, the muses of ideassimple will find a beautiful simple but extremely luxurious nail design. And don’t forget to regularly visit the Beauty Trends section of ideassimple to learn more beauty tips!