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Man who has tattoos covering 80% of his body is referred to as “the devil” by onlookers

Leonardo Aley Galindo a body modifier and tattoo artist, known as Wizard Aley will not stop until he covers 100% of his body in ink. He has undergone 50 procedures to change his body

A man who covered 80% his body in tattoos has been called “a devil” and “inspirational” in mixed responses from strangers.

Body modifier and tattoo artist Leonardo Aley Galindo more popularly known as Wizard Aley from Bogota, Colombia, will not stop until he covers 100% of his body in ink.

Known as an extreme body modifier he got his first tattoo at the age of 18 and his first body modification at the age of 27.

Aley has lost count of the money spent on modifying and tattooing his body which he credits to supplies needed for his business.

He has undergone 50 procedures to modify his body including ocular, gum and tongue pigmentation, holes in his ear, sculpted ears and 35 dermal implants including some in his arms, hands, face and skull.

Aley, 36, has undertaken numerous routes to modify his body including amputating his nipples.

Leonardo Aley Galindo is a body modifier and tattoo artist known as Wizard Aley ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

He said: “I have gotten ocular, gum and tongue pigmentation done.

“I have sculpted ears with amputations or holes in the helix conch part of my ear.

“I have thirty-five dermal implants including in my arms, my hands, face and my skull. I have also amputated my own nipples.

He has ocular, gum and tongue pigmentation done to his body ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

How Aley looked before his tattoos and implants ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

“80% of my body is covered in tattoos right now but I want to cover all my body, 100% of it in tattoos.”

His love for the dark side of life doesn’t stop here.

And loves body suspension where he regularly participates in rigging his body to hang from implements that have been placed through temporary perforations in the skin.

Body suspension, in general, is a painful procedure and it leads to bleeding and scarring most of the time.

As painful as it may sound, Aley insists that the pain he feels during body suspension is minimal.

Aley has undertaken numerous routes to modify his body ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

An image of the Colombian before his facial tattoos and implants ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

In fact, he even goes ahead to say that he finds the act of having his body suspended with hooks pleasing and relaxing.

Aley said: “Yes, it is painful but I truly feel a minimal amount of pain. For me, the pain that I feel is pleasing and relaxing.

“It does bleed and burn and it hurts sometimes but I do it for pleasure, work and fun.

“I love modifying my body and my wife has done most of the modifications on my body.”

Aley says getting tattoos on his body and modifying it has changed him for the good.

A lover of art, he cannot express his love for the same in words.

He addd: “I have almost no social life as I like to spend all my time in my tattoo studio because it is my true calling.

“Modifying bodies and making tattoos is my passion and it is what drives me. I have always had a lot of love for art and I always wanted to do this.

“I studied art for this and I still have immense love for the same.

He has implants in his face and skull ( Image: mediadrumimages/WizardAley)

“Apart from being a body modifier, I also like to perform aesthetic procedures.

“I do procedures like reconstruction of earlobes, otoplasty (ear surgeries), and elimination of moles and warts from the human body.”

Aley’s tattoos, modifications and love for body suspension hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people around him and he confesses that their reaction isn’t always exactly kind or receptive.

He said: “Most people ask to click photos of me or with me and they always ask me so many questions.

“Some other people just look the other way while others keep staring at me persistently.

“I have been called a devil by some people who weren’t afraid to say out loud that they wish I would go to hell.

“The funny thing is some people wish I would die while others tell me that I am an inspiration to them and they want to do similar things with their bodies.

“I don’t care what people think or say to me and I don’t pay attention to their criticism of me or my choices.

“This is my way of living my life and I love it.”