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24 Beautiful Nail Designs To Help Her Own A ” Thousand Of Likes” Photo

Do a beautiful new set of nails, take pictures and get “thousands of likes” on Instagram. Well, the busy Christmas season is here!

If you still haven’t chosen the right nail design but Christmas is about to knock, let Ideassimple suggest you. Not only help you stand out and be more attractive, these ideas also turn you into a “trendy” girl for fashion and style. Beautify your beautiful hands and own outstanding Instagram photos with the 24 beautiful nail designs below. 

Beautiful and cool nail designs can help your Instagram photos get more likes. Photo: Instagram @tiffanyyoungofficial.


Red, white and blue will be the typical colors that make you think of Christmas days . Not only are these immortal mixes representing the holidays, these are also outstanding colors that are easy to apply when suitable for all skin types or different styles. 

Simple and youthful nail designs for active and mischievous girls. Photo: Instagram @deraybeauty.

Attract all eyes with powerful red tones. Photo: Instagram @bysephofo.

Green tone full of personality. Photo: Instagram @____annails____.

Stand out and shine with the basic red, blue and white color scheme. Photo: Instagram @kolour_debeauty.

Perfect choice for ladies who love classic style. Photo: Instagram @nailsbylinda95.

Simple but extremely luxurious nail design for girls who love minimalism. Photo: Instagram @playing_with_nails.

The main white color is delicate and dreamy. Photo: Instagram @stellalala_u.

Luxurious matte nail design with youthful Christmas motifs. Photo: Instagram @jesnail. 


Gentle pink tones will be a safe and perfect choice for feminine and sweet ladies. Not only luxurious, but this color also brings grace and elegance to women.  

Delicate pink color with dotted snowflake motifs. Photo: Instagram @sara_nail_beauty_studi.

The nail model creates a pure sparkling feeling thanks to the meticulous and sophisticated decoration. Photo: Instagram @studiowizerunku_k.czaplicka.

The pink color is clear and very elegant. Photo: Instagram @nattnailscr.

The perfect combination of pink and bold colors. Photo: Instagram @slider_like.



Although it feels a bit old, no one can deny the appeal of nail designs with quiet black tones. These colors are especially suitable for girls with a combination of seductive beauty and mystery. 

Power and luxury duo: red and black. Photo: Instagram @fatemehjafari_nail.

Mysterious black and personality blue, why not? Photo: Instagram @nastya_naillove.

The nail model that the followers of black can hardly ignore. Photo: Instagram @anetaujwary.


Breaking away from the usual color schemes, nail designs with the presence of unique and novel colors are also a good suggestion for beauty believers. Combining with a bit of typical motifs will help you bring a “new breeze” to the bustling holiday season at the end of the year. 

Soft and youthful blue tone. Photo: Instagram @carla_fenoll.

The blending and gradation of two bold pastel tones. Photo: Instagram @nanjari.nails.

Purple brown and earth pink bring pride and elegance. Photo: Instagram @anetaujwary.

Plum purple is also a refreshing color for the Christmas season. Photo: Instagram @mamzellenails.


Sparkling and rhinestone nail designs will surely bring indescribable attraction for stylish and trendy ladies. Indulge her with glamor and enchantment, the suggestions below will help women shine and be more attractive.

Photo: Instagram @miodollnailsbeauty.

Photo: Instagram @lomofy.nails.

Another combination of blue and pink. Photo: Instagram @icegel_global.

Even short nails can be “stylized” with this type of stone nail. Photo: Instagram @nai6_seulgi.