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What Beautiful Nail Trends To Look Forward To In 2023?

The influence of the live-action Barbie movie released in 2023 has brought the Barbiecore era “pink dyed” costumes to the nails of models at the Batsheva catwalk, Peter Do… Or the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection not only carries The “mini universe” monochromatic polka dot “bombarded” the fashion world but also in the realm of beauty with colorful nail painted dots.

Walking around from the fashion catwalk to the “million-like” photos of IT Girl , it seems that a beautiful nail set has become an indispensable “jewelry” of beauty followers. While 2022 is somewhat mellow with the trend of “returning to the original” with Clean Girl Aesthetic  , 2023 predicts the trend of nail polish is somewhat more diverse with explosive colors and unique textures.


Reflecting today’s challenging life landscape, the red Viva Magenta was announced by Pantone as the main color of 2023. As a reminder of the post-COVID-19 “new normal” society, Viva Magenta encourages and motivates each individual to find the inner strength to paint a colorful picture of the future. 

Viva Magenta red was announced by Pantone as the main color of 2023. Photo: Pantone.

Taking advantage of the endless creativity of young people, Viva Magenta red is gradually making strong impressions in the field of beauty. On the background of coffin , or almond with delicate length will highlight this intense red color. In addition, you can also add more stones or paint a layer of glitter gel to create a “flowing lava” effect on the fingertips.

Band of “flowing lava” on the hand. Photo: Dayanna Issey.

For a more trendy mix, you can combine with a layer of glitter gel polish. Photo: Instagram: @arvnailswatches. 


The domination of social networks and the desire to affirm personal brands in the spiral of beauty trends that increase every day, have raised questions for ladies on how not to be “overwhelmed” in the workplace. revamping her look? When everyone is trying to become a pioneer with many makeup recipes , hairstyles or nail designs with many textures, the original beauty of the ” Clean Girl ” trend stands out above all. 2023 is also a time to honor the beauty of human body lines. That was also when the Makeup No Makeup trend flourished, the characteristic black hair of Asia created the “fever” of the Alpha Female and feminist era.Asian Baby Girls . For nail models, Clean Girl says “no” to complex textures and shapes that they return to nude nail colors, or gentle tones between ivory white, coffee brown … and nail length has been cut. File carefully instead of attaching false nails so that the hand becomes more elegant and gentle. 

Photo: Instagram @raelondonnails.

Photo: Refinery19.


For a long time, French women have always been taken as a standard, a measure of beauty and charisma. However, a French lady will never try to be gorgeous or haughty, but on the contrary, they honor the simple and surprisingly ordinary. If you are a lover of classic French beauty , a beautiful nail design with only the tip of the nail with a white line will make you fall in love. A small suggestion from ELLE to refresh this style, you should add layers of paint with pastel colors pouring ombré down the middle of the nail. In addition, the smooth combination of contemporary elements from the Clean Girl trend with glittery nail polish , or polka dots can also be a great reference for 2023. 

Photo: IPECAL.

Create a little ombré effect, why not? Photo: K Beauty Addiction.

Nail polish with glitter color is also the perfect suggestion for you. Photo: Hairstylery.

Let’s change with a little polka dot painted dots to make the hand more elegant. Photo: Instagram


The 90s have always been the most loved and applied source of beauty materials by the new generation of IT Girls . When the craze for fun pop art nail designs and graphic motifs of 2022 passed, old trends such as chrome coating and mirroring massively appeared on Hailey Bieber ‘s “million-like” Instagram photos with Glazed-donut. Nails , Bella Hadid , Kendall Jenner … With the main ingredient being chrome powder formed from shiny metal crumbs like pearls, IT Girls have transformed the nail designs to be as gentle as if they were covered with fine sugar, or create Unique rainbow sheen plastic wrap effect.  

Hailey Bieber at the 2022 Met Gala brought the mirror nail trend back to the beauty track. Photo: ELLE Vietnam.

“Pumpkin” glows thanks to the chrome paint effect. Photo: Instagram @staceydee.nailartist.


In the trend of 2023, the live-action Barbie movie is a special mark for women to nurture their “femininity”. The color pink is also redefined somewhat more deeply, it carries a bold and bold statement function. As Miley Cyrus said:


The “pink vortex” landed widely and was named Barbiecore, the hashtag #barbiecore has also attracted 7.7 million views on TikTok, promising to increase in 2023. Photo: Instagram @nailsbyzola.

“Pink” Barbiecore appeared on the model’s hands at the Peter Do catwalk. Photo: Instagram @mcencula.

If you have fair skin , there is nothing better than owning a beautiful nail design with almost all shades of pink. From soft pink tones to vibrant pink tones, you can confidently master any game with any nail shape, textured nail design.

Photo: Fashion Bomb Daily.

Photo: Instagram @haileybieber.

In addition to the nude pink tones, coral pink or even go wild with vibrant neon pink so you don’t miss this inspirational  Barbiecore trend.

If you have a medium skin type like other Asian ladies, don’t worry because nude pink tones will bring a luxurious and seductive look. Photo: Instagram @raelondonnails.


Korea has always been famous for its beauty trends towards purity. In 2022, the outstanding skincare trend Jello Skin with glossy skin like glass is the premise for the return of the beautiful “broken mirror” nail model Glass Nail, which was popular in 2018 in the land of kimchi. This type of nail art simulates glittering cross-sections similar to diamond or glass. You can do this type of paint on black, transparent or any paint color depending on your own creativity. With just a little preparation and ingenuity, you will surely succeed with this beautiful nail polish . 

A whole blue ocean on the outstanding Korean Glass Nail nail design. Photo: Byrdie.


Marking nearly a decade since 2012 with the handshake between Louis Vuitton fashion house and Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection released in late 2022 has become “viral” throughout social networks. in the early days of 2023, promising to bring inspiration about a polka dot “microcosm” to the beauty community. About a philosophy that single elements, when combined, can form any dream, and that man or Earth is just a “floating dot” in the universe, inspired Yayoi Kusama to pursue those dreams. Colorful polka dot combinations, no size or distance limit.  

No matter what time of year, the traditional Painted Dots polka dot nail design is not outdated because of its simple but playful effect on the hands. Adorned with various vivid colors, the beautiful polka dot nail style makes women look lovely and full of life, especially suitable for the early spring days of 2023.

Photo: Instagram @esmalteadictas.


In an era when people see “knowledge is the new concept of seduction” in each individual, the Light Feminine beauty trend is being praised by many fashionable ladies. Not only a fashion style, Light Feminine is gradually becoming a popular aesthetic lifestyle in 2023 of intellectual ladies who are fascinated with poetry and art. Besides the makeup around neutral colors to help exude luxury in a woman, you can also show “soft power” with a beautiful and delicate nail set on your hands. Because sometimes the most luxurious and luxurious appearance lies in the smallest and simplest details. Before that, in the last days of 2022, Rich Girl Nail was given a pink ball by Jennifer Lopez”speak up” at the thanksgiving party. With a nude cream gray palette on the original nail shape, easy to do at home without having to go to the salon, Rich Girl Nail will help you elevate your beauty immediately from a midi-coffin manicure in the color of a coffee cup. 


  • First, you need to dilute the color of the paint mocha, light brown. Then start with applying a base coat to protect the foundation.
  • Next, paint from the base of your nail. Then, swipe the brush to the left, right and then down the center. Follow the above steps and with only 3 coats maximum, you can have a perfect finish on your nails.

Close-up of Jennifer Lopez’s Rich Girl nail model. Photo: Tom Bachik.

Photo: SOSO Nail Art.