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33 Suspicious Black Nail Designs for a Dark Look

Wearing one of these all-black nail art patterns will undoubtedly unleash your inner rock star. Whether you’re going for a mysterious and ominous atmosphere or searching for a simple hue that instantly improves any appearance, black nails are the epitome of cool and one of the most versatile colors available. Nail artist Hang Nguyen tells Bustle that “black will be a trend for a long time, if not always.” Simply put, it’s a great classic.

In Nguyen’s opinion, black nail paint is a versatile tone that is both edgy and classy. She enjoys using black in the majority of her nail designs, using it as an outline, contrasting it with colors, and creating negative space nail art (which she says is a really nice go-to). You’ll find that there are so many entertaining ways to style black nails that will keep you going back to darker hues.

How To Turn Black Into Your Signature Color

When it comes to black nail polish, boldness takes over, so it’s best to keep your nails short and neatly shaped to create a balance. Your nails may appear exaggerated if you choose a striking shape and length. The best nails for this nail paint shade are short and square!

If you want to avoid the punk-rock style, watch out for chips and cracks when applying black nail lacquer.

When wearing black nail polish, you also need to take good care of your manicure and pedicure. Remember that this color greatly draws attention to any nearby flaws, no matter how inconspicuous.

Your choice of jewelry is influenced by your choice of nail color. When wearing black nail polish, let it do the talking and keep your finger sparklers super simple.

You can always find a way to explore with this popular hue if you don’t feel ready yet for a full set of black nails. Consider accent nails, which allow you to make a statement with just one black manicure, or ombré nails, which move from light to black at the fingertips. 

Last but not least, below are 33 black nail ideas that you can do at home if you need inspiration for a manicure (who wouldn’t want to save a few dollars?) or visit your neighborhood nail shop (because complex DIY designs are difficult). From black ombre nails to Christian Louboutin-inspired red and black nails, scroll down to see more.