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75 Cute Tattoos That’ll Have You Curious (Fail!)

A hilarious tattoo is unbeatable! They’re always amusing to laugh at, whether it’s humorous because it’s witty, funny because it’s goofy, or just funny because it’s a lousy tattoo. Everybody has a humorous tattoo, or maybe we even have one ourselves! See more amusing tattoos in our gallery of 64 absurd ones.

If you really want to date yourself, or perhaps job your memory of a special occasion then this is the tattoo for you. Having done on your chest will allow you to use your mirror to glance at it whenever you need to jog your memory.

Now this is really what you call fan loyalty although its not likely that the brand would use it on their poster of the week. It certainly is unique and is likely to be found impressive to the few that you would want to expose it to.

For those with an eye for detail then you have to admit this is impressive. It isn’t loaded with color but once it grabs the viewer’s attention it is certain to keep them busy deciphering it for a very long time.

This is certainly open for interpretation. At first glance it may get those who are looking at it a bit mesmerized. It really is cute you have to admit. It is certainly big enough, but if its appealing then you could have it downsized if you wanted.

Well now, in this case it might be said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is certainly life like and if one didn’t want to have it on the arm then it certainly would fit nicely on other body parts. 

How innovative is this. Now I only count six dwarfs, and traditional there are supposed to be seven aren’t there? Guess where the the 7th one must be. Enter if you dare. The colors are great aren’t they. 

One could say that there isn’t too much subtlety here. Not many words are needed to depict what message these tats may be sending. I guess it saves on having to buy porn magazines though. Just a check in the mirror will be enough. 

For those that high on family tradition this is one way of getting the message across. Plus there is no need to worry about growing a mustache and keeping it trimmed either. Saving a few bucks here. 

This tattoo is really innovative in both its story telling and colors. If you are looking for a tat that not only draws attention but holds it, and maybe makes for great conversation then this is it. 

This tattoo is a real winner! It is so cute and really gets the message across about whose boss here. There is just enough color to draw attention but not so much that it overpowers it, or takes away from the message. 

The font for this tattoo is what really makes it impressive. It wouldn’t be as near as effective if it had been done in straight line either. It has just enough graphics with the text to make it whimsical. 

For those that want to save on a few pieces of clothing and want to make a fashion statement then this form of tattoo does it all. Plus you don’t have to worry about laundering it eitherr? All it takes is having a shower to get the job done.

Sometimes one solid color can really make a tattoo stand out all the more and look impressive too. The detail in this tat is really impressive and the size of it makes it even more impressive. 

For those that have the same “to do” list every week but can never remember what it is then what a perfect solution this tattoo is. Of course this is just an example, but it really brings it home of how absent minded we can be. 

I guess this beats having to carry a picture of your significant other around with you all the time. It just means flashing a little skin every time you want to show him or her off. You really want to be sure this is going to be a lasting relationship though. 

Well each to his own. Some people just like to get a point across no matter what that may be. Even though there may be no flow to the words the print and font looks great. Just not sure if this is one of those tats you would want forever. 

Aw now this is really dainty. It is done in the perfect place on the body where it can really be shown off. The writing is perfect except…maybe it would be better if it were “nobody’s”, but that’s just personal preference.

What a way to embrace the problem of male pattern balding. Unless of course this guy had his head shaved just so he could get this amazing tattoo done. Not only is it in a great space but its a fab piece of art. 

There are all kinds of tats that depict skulls but one of the nice things about this one is where its located. On the inside of the wrist makes it more noticeable with movement. Not sure if the ‘too” was a spelling error or done on purpose though. 

Now someone viewing this tattoo may be asking themself, does this guy really like cheeseburgers, or does he consider himself as one. Then again maybe hes not finished yet and the end result will be a nice big cheeseburger resting between the shoulders.

If you are going to go for something as bold and brash as this then having it in the arm pit is the best choice. That way you can at least conceal it when the necessary. One has to admit using this area for this design was pretty ingenuous. 

Now this is one cute bunny and see the start to the finish is pretty neat. The face s adorable and the colors are great. The detail isn’t too shabby either. This is pretty neat for those that want to create a few smiles. 

This is pretty cool! The detail is good and its the type of tattoo that isn’t too personalized so probably won’t be any issues with it in the future. The coloring really works well with the skin tones.

Okay now you are going to have to be pretty outgoing if you are going to sport this work of art? That would be a matter of opinion of course. It just goes to show that anything goes when it comes to tattoos.

The colors and detail in this piece of work are really quite nice. The shading and toning has been well thought out. It is clean looking but fun and whimsical at the same time. Great choice!

OOPs may be a spelling error here but then again the message is still being depicted right? One thing you always want to do is double check the saying on paper first just to make sure you get it right, or at least the tattoo artist does. 

Okay this one we’re going to reserve judgement on and leave it up to you. The head seems a little out of proportion but then again its art right? Not to sure whats surrounding it or whether its still a work in progress. 

Not quite sure whats going on here with this one, and it looks like the babe isn’t too sure either. Each to their own I guess. One thing is for sure it is an attention grabber. 

It is hard to say whether this was the tattoo artist’s choice and they are making a statement with their art capabilities, or its the customer who came up with the idea. Let’s just hope its not meant to remind them of somebody. 

There are some that have no qualms about where they have their tattoos placed. For those that are sending some type of message then being clean and bold like this one may be the way to go. After all there is nothing around it to detract from it right? 

Finger tattooing is not something that is new, but there are always good and bad productions. This particular one is really done well. It is lined up nicely and even though it is a really fancy font, it is clearly read. Well done!

Oh boy. This one is going to be a matter of opinion of whether its a pass or fail. I guess its up to what the wearer feels. The expression doesn’t give a good indication of this. This type of tattooing is no easy task and one very minor mistake can be a disaster, so proceed with caution! 

Well if you are going to have a tattoo because you want to draw attention to yourself. Or you want to make some type of statement then one could assume there is nothing wrong with this production. It is not clear what the statement would be here however, so in that case it might be a conversation starter. 

For those that only want to display their tattoo works of arts to a chosen few then this is one way to go about it. Not to sure what the point is of spending money on something that you have to curl back to see. Each to his own though when it comes to the realm of tattooing. 

Now for those who are into quotes and sayings having it done in the form of tattoo is really a great idea. The only problem is if you want the world to see it in this case then you are going to have to be sure you wear a top with no back. Otherwise some of the words aren’t see so the impact is lost. 

Now bold and colorful is the best way to display this work of art. There is no shortage of detail and it has been well thought out in regards to the art work. It sure takes up a lot of skin space though.

This is just too cute. While it may be provocative to some and to others downright crude it all depends on how open minded you are. It would be kind of hard to keep this one on display all the time though, especially if you live in a cold climate.

This one sort of creates mixed feelings. It looks great when the underarm is exposed but what happens when the arm is in resting position? Surely some of the color is going to show, and it might not be all that impressive. 

Now this is extreme but let’s face it there are plenty of other tattoos that are too. It kind of makes you wonder where the checkers are those. You certainly wouldn’t want to be looking at this when you have had a few drinks in you. 

What a neat way of displaying some very common sayings. The art work is really great and the print is well done. You could display either one of these or let it have its best effect by walking around in shorts all the time. 

This one is kind of intriguing and not sure if is has been cleverly designed to camouflage a scar. It is kind of an interesting choice with an ice cream cone that depicts fun yet its laid upon a lightening bolt. Hmm…fire and ice maybe? 

Now this takes guts! can you just imagine the thought of these things crawling about your face. You could say that this tattoo is one that leaves a lasting impact just not on its owner, but on those who can dare to look at it for any period of time. 

Wow! What could anyone possibly say about this one! One thing is for sure that the individual sporting this one is not the type of person to wallow in self pity. They really know how to bring it on. 

This is a great looking piece of artwork. The characters are terrific and make an impression but it isn’t cluttered looking. The print is well done and just adds the final touch to the piece.

Now this really lacks pizzazz. The colors are so washed out that even the design looks bad. Surely this must be a work in progress. It can’t be finished or just maybe this has been hand sketched by an aspiring artist that isn’t quite there yet. 

There are just some tattoos that look more like advertising than creative art. But I guess its whatever turns a person on that counts. After all its their body so they can do or put on it whatever appeals to them 

This one is absolutely great. While there are so many different forms of tattoos that all create a different response it is great to see one like this that just can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face. The great thing about this one is that even the seniors can relate to it, and maybe just think that hey tattoos are not so bad after all. 


This guy is sort of ugly cute. He has a devilish look about him but you really can’t take the evil seriously. It is a great mix for someone that likes a little touch of naughty but nice. If those teeth were meant to make this little guy look nasty, it didn’t quite work. He looks more like he is smiling.

It really is unique when you can have some of your own body parts incorporated into the tattoo design. Now you have to admit this one is pretty clever. Anyone who want to go bare chested and wants to draw some attention but doesn’t have the physique to do it, then this is a great alternative. 

This is absolutely adorable. The art work is precise and they are nicely balanced on both legs. This set of tattoos is surely going to want to make you keep the legs bare all the time. If you want an attraction getter then here you go.

This is amazing and as tragic as the situation may be it is only fitting to crack a smile when reading this well done tattoo so you can support the humor of its owner. Not many people would tackle a slam in life such as this with such a great approach. 

You really have to give people who have flaws a pat on the back when they turn something uncomfortable into something that is positive. This is really really cute artwork and is making something that may have been unpleasant into something that is now adorable. 

Can we assume that this was poor planning, or was it intentional so the owner could strike up a conversation. It is obvious that there was no plan ahead with this, but…maybe that is exactly the point they are making!

Now is this an advertisement and if so is there more to it that we just can’t see? In any event it is not as though it is going to grab a lot of attention. That is unless the owner of this tattoo is intent on wearing pants that fall below the waistline and cut off shirts. 

Here yet again is another example of taking a bad situation and facing it head on. We all know that most people can’t help but stare at somebody’s infirmities so why not give them something worth looking at. 

Some people might decide to spend a lot of money on having their moles removed. This fun loving individual took another route and decided to put his money to better use. Ironically the moles match the spots on the giraffe. How clever ! I wonder if this was planned or did it just happen this way.

There may not be much color this to this art work, and it may seem as though it was done by an amateur but it does have some merit to it. At the very least it might make a dull looking chest a little more interesting. At the very least it is going to get a few extra glances. 

No doubt a lot of money is spent on trying to cover tattoos that no longer have any meaning, but this is a novel approach. It is hard to see the name underneath but most likely its a x-lover. so not only is the tattoo now void so is the name behind the very bold message. 

About the most one can say about this little guy is its cute. Now if this is a work in progress and is about to receive some color in the future then it might be a little more appealing and eye catching. You never know it might set a new character trend, but it hasn’t reached that point yet. 

Is this sending a message of before and after? The pattern was before the individual matured and realized that maybe this type of design was hot at the time but its novelty soon wore off. The little explanation line certainly saves a lot of time trying to explain what the art piece depicts. 

If you are into big, bold and matters of opinion then you may want to go for a tattoo such as this. This is one of those pieces of work whether its going to be either you love it or hate it. Just another example of how far a person is willing to go to dress up their body in places that normally don’t get much attention. 

It is pretty debatable whether this simple but somewhat unusual tattoo is going to land a person a job. Chances are you wouldn’t be wearing a shirt and tie to your next interview if you want to get this message out in this fashion. Besides what happens after he lands a job? Is this a just in case sort of plan of action? 

Lets hope that this is done in washable ink, because if not then chances are there are going to be some regrets in the future. At least there is always a chance of finding a superior tattoo artist that is going to be able to take something bad and transform it into something beautiful. 

Lets hope this wasn’t a paid for tattoo because if it was then somebody was most likely pretty ticked off. If the after is considered as a noteworthy fix then again this is open to opinion. Could it be said that one mess has just led to another?