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Tattoo model spends £38k on physical transformations to become “city cyborg”

A tattoo model has spent thousands on her “cyborg” appearance. She is covered in more than 100 inkings and has silicone implants in her head

A woman forked out £38,000 on mind-blowing body modifications that have turned her into a “city cyborg”.

Lina L., originally from Germany, covered her body in dozens of tattoos.

She’s also had plastic surgery, piercings and silicone spines implanted into her head.

And it’s not just Lina’s appearance that has dramatically changed.

She quit her corporate job in California to become a full-time tattoo model and artist.

This, along with her unconventional look, helps her to “celebrate her individuality”.

Before getting tattooed, Lina used to have a corporate job (Image: Press)

Lina, who boasts 81,600 followers on her Instagram page, has been interested in tattoos since she was a teenager.

And as she “wasn’t happy” with her natural look, she decided to make modifications to herself.

The inked model said: “I wasn’t happy with myself and I decided I don’t have to accept something if it doesn’t contribute to my overall happiness.

“There are many ways to transform yourself.

“Technology, medical advancements as well as the art of body modifications make it possible to pursue my transformation – which for some people may seem extreme.”

Lina loves the city cyborg look (Image: Press)

Lina transformed herself with inkings, which include a colourful sleeve and boob chandelier.

She’s also shunned her “girl next door” look by getting breast implants and ear surgery.

But her boldest modification was the 3D Art implants she has on her face and body.

This involves getting silicone inserted into the skin with a scalpel to create dramatic structural changes, which can take three months to develop.

The model said: “I got 3D-Art Implants for my forehead (silicone ribs/spines) and chest (silicone circle) which were installed by Ian Bell with implant grade silicone designed by Steve Haworth, who invented the 3D-Art implant.”

Lina has silicone implants in her head (Image: Press)

Lina said the procedure took around 1.5 hours and “wasn’t cheap”.

But even though she’s already forked out a fortune on her look, she’s not done yet.

The body modification fan added: “I will get my tongue split and my ears pointed.”

It’s a small price to pay for the model, who is determined to express her individuality.

Lina said: “I am feeling more myself in my daily life.”

In the future, Lina wants to get her tongue split in two (Image: Press)

She added: “The day I was able to let go of any fear of judgment for my individuality, it felt like I was finally able to express myself freely and confidently.

“I am part of a generation who teaches society to change their thinking, especially under the light of diversity.

“I do feel that I have to prove myself more so than others, but I have no problem doing so.”

“It means I can contribute to our collective capacity to let go of and move past judgment, stigma and prejudice, and celebrate individuality with all its shades and colours.”

“Self-expression means something different for any individual – the closer one comes with being who they truly want to be – the happier they are with themselves and the more accepting they will be of others.”