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5 Nail trends that will dominate the wave in 2023

2023 is predicted to be popular with simple French nail designs or unique tones such as chocolate brown or tortoise brown.

Nail trends of 2023 are expected to appear in many unique tones. Illustration: ELLE UK.

Over time, the nail industry is growing and not only revolving around minimalist, one-color designs. Many beauty experts and devotees invest money and effort into sophisticated and eye-catching nail designs. They even attach precious stones or complicated accessories to adorn the nails.

Below, Refinery29 summarizes 5 nail trends that are expected to prevail in 2023. Accordingly, you can choose for yourself the best nail design for the new year.

Iridescent nails like oyster shells have the ability to “storm” in 2023. Artwork: @kkoht_nails.

Design oyster shell or pearl

The surreal pearlescent gel polish is a nail trend that evokes the inner shells of sea oysters. This color scheme exudes sophistication and elegance.

This is actually a trend that originated in Korea. Accordingly, you should look to nail salons that pursue Korean style to get the best results.

In case you want to go wild instead of doing ten nails as one, try mixing different colors and designs on a few nails. This dissonant nail style is also a trend that will prevail in 2023.

Micro French is especially perfect for those with short nails. Artwork: @glosslab.

Micro French

According to Rachel Glass, founder of the Glosslab salon, the French manicure (highlight color on the tip) continues to hold the title as one of the most popular nail trends.

However, 2023 will see the birth of micro French – an improved version of this nail model. The texture lines of the French microphone will be thinner and more delicate, Glass said.

Although not really new, French nails can still be popular in the New Year because of their flexibility, suitable for many events.

Chocolate brown is suitable for winter fashion. Artwork: @heluviee.

Chocolate brown

Many people often choose neutral brown tones when deciding between many suitable nail polishes. Accordingly, chocolate brown appeared with quite a few searches.

Glass says many of her clients are satisfied with the chocolate brown nail designs. They are neutral and suitable for many different events. Not to mention, this nail style helps elevate your look this winter.

Tortoise nails inspired by turtle shell colors. Artwork: @kkoht_nails.

Transparent Tortoise

Searches for the keyword “tortoise” saw a marked increase of about 1,900% year-over-year, according to a survey from photo-sharing website Pinterest. This is a brown tone mixed with yellow or amber to create an appearance quite similar to a tortoise shell.

If you want to follow the tortoise nail trend, try a caramel brown color and top it with a gloss or gel polish.

Trendy nail design by manicurist Zola Ganzorigt. Artwork: @nailsbyzola.

Dark red

It is not easy for us to find a suitable red nail polish color. If you are still wondering, please refer to the darker and more salty red tones. 2023 is expected to witness the rise of maroon or oxblood red nails.

If you can’t imagine the nail design you like, this nail design from manicurist Zola Ganzorigt is a perfect choice. They look very Y2K style with pink hearts stand out against the crimson paint.