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19+ Weirdest Nail Art Ideas Ever

Sometimes visits to nail salons isn’t the best decision, looking at our galery. After all, we can never be sure how good a nail technician is. Some truly have a lot to learn. And sometimes ladies have their nails done beyond all limits, so even most experienced manicurists find it challenging.

Nails That Will Open Any Lock and Unscrew a Bottle of Wine

When 5 Nails in One Hand Is Not Enough

Mosquitoes Fall Victim to Manicure

Two Nails Needed Extra Support

Handling Black Polish Is Difficult

All over

Winter Manicure

At Least the Glitter Is Similar

For Princesses

Duck Feet Inspired

Glitter Is the Most Important Thing

A Little Too Much Polish


Who Bit Them?

Your Nails Have Dangerously Reduced Their Volume

Cut On the Slant


A pandemic awareness manicure.

Have you had unpleasant experiences in beauty salons?