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Dad obsessed with body modification puts candy canes through NOSE for Christmas

Canadian dad Remy is desperate to know is he holds a world record for the most candy canes in someone’s piercings and says it’s the best way he knows to celebrate Christmas

An extreme body modification addict is getting into the Christmas spirit by pushing candy canes through his nose and lips to try and set a world record.

Remy, from Canada, is hanging the classic festive hanging sweets on his face piercings because he is desperate to get his achievement officially recognised.

The tattoo-loving dad dedicates a lot of his time to obsession as he’s spent over 1,300 hours getting inked.

He told the Daily Star that he had to celebrate Christmas in style – and having the treats attached to his face is the best way he can think of.

The husband also has a love for piercings after previously revealing his intimate stud hurt the most.

Remy, from Canada, loves getting into the Christmas spirit ( Image:@ephemal_remy/Instagram)

He says his young son is right behind the candy cane hanging (Image:@ephemal_remy/Instagram)

Now since going for his first piercing in 2001, Remy makes sure his body modifications serve different purposes.

And as it’s the festive season, the tattoo fan hung candy canes from a couple of his piercings.

He also believes he could hold the title for it too.

The dad also placed lights on his piercings as he claims his Christmas-content usually goes viral.

He said: “I may or may not hold a world record for the most candy canes in someone’s piercings.”

He thinks he holds the title for having the most hanging on his piercings ( 


The only present he wants this year is a place in the record books ( 


“My family always go out on a Christmas lights drive and we all get eggnog lattes.

“We also take snaps with the dogs in front of our tree and I have an array of different Krampus Christmas sweaters.”

As for his tattooing progress, it doesn’t sound like Remy is slowing down during the busy period.

He admitted: “I get tattooed every week, between 1-3 sessions a week. I have lots of pictures and videos of that stuff.

“And I will be getting tattooed on Boxing Day.”

But despite putting his nasal piercings to good use for Christmas, it doesn’t sound like he’ll get another stud in.

He even plans on getting another tattoo on Boxing Day ( 

Image: @ephemeral_remy/Instagram)

He has spent over 1,300 hours getting inked over the years ( 


He revealed: “No new piercings this winter, I haven’t done anything new with my piercings all year.

“I’ve spent over 1,300 hours on getting inked.

“If the Guinness World Records followed my journey, I’d have anywhere from five-20 separate world records.”

Remy was speaking after previously revealing he submitted an application for a world record in tattoos.

He claimed he’s still awaiting a response, but he’s confident of winning a title.

The tattoo fan added: “The application has been ongoing, no word back since summer. I’m pretty sure I have multiple world records.”