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33+ Most Creative Ballerina Nails For Your Complete Makeover

Envision a ballerina’s shoes for a moment. Not those flimsy ballet slipper flats, please. I’m referring to the sophisticated, structured pointe shoes with a tapered toe and a flat edge. If you are anything like me, you lack the grace and dancer’s feet required to wear them. But what about ballerina nails? That is something I can try with.

Ballerina nails mimic the graceful, elongated shape of pointe shoes on your fingers. And when paired with a cool color or design, they’re anything but prissy. This type of nail, however, is easily confused with coffin nails. So, what makes ballerina nails different from them?

The Main Distinction Between Coffin and Ballerina Nails

Though the two shapes are strikingly similar, there is one obvious difference between coffin and ballerina nails. Coffin nails have straight edges, whereas ballerina nails have rounded edges.

Coffin nails catch or snag on fabric and skin more easily than ballerina nails. Aside from that, the two are nearly identical. Both are usually done on longer acrylic nails and end in a squared-off flat tip.

Ballerina Nail Designs

This style is known as ballerina nails because it pays homage to the well-known pointe shoes worn by ballerinas. The shape is similar to that of dance slippers in that it is wider around your nail but narrows as your nails grow longer.

The tip is similar to that of stiletto nails, which end in a point, except that ballerina nails end in a blunt edge.

The ballerina nail shape is so simple. This is how I shape my ballerina manicure: 

  • File straight out, but gradually work your way into a narrower tip. For this step, avoid using manicured nails. Otherwise, the ballerina nail will have a straight cut rather than a more rounded look along the sides.
  • After finishing the edges, file the ends into a flat, straight edge.

Finally, if you have mastered the key features of ballerina nails, this is the time you must try to rock them. Here is a spectacular collection that you will love. If you have a clumsy pair of hands and cannot follow our instructions, you can just go to the nail salon instead. Of course, do not forget to save a few photos of your favorite designs to your phone, you may need to show it to the manicurists later on.