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This Astute Elephant Has Devised A Novel Method Of Snatching A Mouthful From Above

When food is scarce, the clever elephant devises an ingenious method of obtaining a meal from the ground: it reaches up and eats directly from the tree.

The elephant, standing on its hind legs with its trunk among the trees above, makes every effort to obtain food, while the camera’s timing allows the sunlight to accentuate the image, resulting in an excellent shot.

Because the heat is sweltering and food on the ground is becoming increasingly scarce, elephants in this region have had to develop new ways to eat during the dry season.

Project manager David Whelan, 43, from Melbourne, saw the colorful elephant before daybreak in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park.

“We’re in the dry season, with everyday temperatures hovering around 40 degrees,” says the narrator.. Water and food are scarce, thus some elephants have learnt to stand in order to reach fruit on higher branches.”

Because he does a little dance as he stands, this elephant is known as Fred Astaire.

“It was wonderful to be able to see this site, which is made more more unique at Mana Pools because this expedition is done on foot rather than by automobile.