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Japan’s youngest female tattooist surprised netizens with a 1 0 2: Entering the profession at the age of 6, saying no to copying

Tattoo art is quite popular in the world today and society has also had a more positive view of this subject.

To be able to achieve, succeeding on this difficult road requires passion, perseverance and creative talent. Especially, for those who have had the opportunity to go to school and get acquainted with the drawings early, this is completely possible.

Noko (11 years old, girl from Japan) surprised netizens with her special talent, which is tattoos. Not only that, she also has a great creative block.

Unlike her peers, she started learning this art at the age of 6 under the guidance of her father – a professional tattooist.

The girl has the ability to know how to create unique patterns in an unusual way, from this special creativity has made Noko a female tattoo artist with a unique tattoo style.

Just like the normal tattooing process, Noko began to learn to tattoo on specialized materials for tattooing or on toys made from silicon with the guidance of her father. Sometimes she even practices by drawing ballpoint pens on her body.

After 2 years of hard training, Noko can go into real practice. At the age of 8, she got her first tattoo. Those lines are still imperfect and confusing. But after a few years, Noko has become a lot more professional.

Noko’s customers come from many parts of the world. When talking about her first tattoo, the 11-year-old girl said:

“The first time I tattooed on a client’s body, I felt scared and somewhat nervous. I tattoo very slowly, my hand is a bit unstable. I understand that the tattoo will follow the client forever, so I am even more worried.”

So far, she has tattooed 38 people. “I want to continue tattooing until I grow up,” said Noko.

Own more than 200,000 followers on Instagram account and managed by parents. Here they often post artworks and pictures of their daughter’s daily life.

In addition to Noko’s artwork, many people are curious to see that Noko’s body is also full of tattoos.

Before these questions, the child tattooist’s parents immediately corrected that it was just a sticker. They think their daughter is still too young to have a real tattoo.

Noko’s tattoo works have received much attention from the online community, attracting tens of thousands of likes and comments.

Quite famous and sought after by many people around the world with the desire to have this special tattoo artist on the picture, but currently, Noko no longer accepts tattoo appointments.