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The world’s strangest armless tattooist, making a lot of money tattooing with his feet: Over 10 years in the profession, entered the world record book

Brian Tagalog, an American sleeveless tattoo artist. Although his body was not intact since birth, that has never been an obstacle in his life. Striving to have a normal life like everyone else, Brian has always persevered in learning how to use his feet to do a variety of jobs, including driving a car, flying an airplane, even creating intricate tattoos.

The ambitious young man believes he is the only licensed tattoo artist in the world to practice. And now the world record book has recognized him as the only person in the world who is skilled at tattooing his feet.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he moved with his family to Tucson, Arizona, where he attended Sunnyside High School and the University of Arizona. Ever since he was in school, Brian has always been interested in painting and has set his sights on becoming a professional tattooist in the future.

Although he could not have the hands to fulfill his dream like many others, Brian never gave up. He tries to practice his painting skills with his feet. “I was born without arms, but that doesn’t stop me,” said the energetic young man.

After being helped by his aunt to buy a tattoo machine, he began to learn how to use it with his toes as skilled and flexible as his fingers. After all the perseverance and effort, Brian became a certified tattoo artist 16 years ago, but in reality, getting hired by a tattoo parlor is much more difficult.

Brian applied for a job at several tattoo parlors in the city, was promised to call, but he never received a call.

Although it is very difficult, he still uses his feet to tattoo customers, even being the first to be licensed with this form of tattoo (Photo: Internet)

However, Brian still did not give up. He is determined to open his own salon to live with his passion. Up to now, Tagalog has been with needles and ink for more than 10 years and makes a lot of money thanks to this art of ink and ink. Currently, he is the owner of the shop “Tatoo by Foot” – tattooed with feet.

According to him, to create beautiful tattoos for clients, Brian often uses his right foot to draw the design, put it on tracing paper (thin paper to map) before placing it on the client’s body. Or you can use your own mouth to hold a pen to draw. When the tattoo was printed on the body, Brian used both feet to control the tattoo machine skillfully. Clients are usually very pleased with the way he works and the tattoos he creates.

The works are completed by Brian for customers through the use of feet to tattoo. However, perhaps people come to tattoo because of admiring his efforts, spiritual support or looking for something unique, but basically, Brian’s tattoo is nothing too special. (Photo: Internet).

Angie Tagalog, Brian’s mother, said that she encountered many difficulties in the process of raising her son, but she always tried to let him experience and explore with her own choices. The young man hopes his own success will be an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams even though they may have to go through many hardships to achieve them.

Brian also shared that the inspiration that brought him past his fate to the art of tattooing was Jessica Cox, the armless girl who achieved the world’s first pilot certificate and black belt in karate.