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Bling bling, without this Christmas nails are no longer attractive

This year the trend of Christmas manicure is more about combining with sparkles. There are many ideas to bring the Christmas spirit to your hands and enjoy them at parties.

Red is always the most loved and requested color for Christmas nails . Adding a little sparkle will refresh red with classic ideas and give your hands a special, magical touch this Christmas .

Choosing a nail style with red and green tones as the main color, covered with a layer of glitter, gave her a simple but very prominent nail.

Fans of the pine tree pattern will be very pleased with this idea, both ensuring the right idea but also very bright.

A little sparkle with snowflake pattern is also not a bad idea for Christmas parties.

Instead of painting the whole set, why don’t you try alternating to create accents with 1,2 glitter coated nails. It’s so elegant and sophisticated.

Not much is needed, just attaching 1 green tone stone is enough to see the Christmas atmosphere is overflowing.

Or simply sparkling stars on a matte finish.

Just a little sparkle is enough to make the classic red nail become fresh and attractive.

Minimalist style in nail decoration is always popular because they are suitable for all types of outfits.

Although simple, the nude tone becomes even sweeter thanks to the sparkling highlights.

Just decorating with Christmas motifs and matching colors like nude, white, red, she has a simple, unique and strange nail set.

What are you wondering about without immediately dotting this fun, youthful but also very eye-catching nail design!?

Sometimes just a little glitter at the tip of the nail is enough to bring elegance and elegance to the owner.

An idea “like distilled water” for girls with short nails.

You are free to wear this Christmas nail design with gorgeous outfits without worrying about losing the tone.

The white glitter Christmas tree is a highlight that brings a luxurious beauty to the hands of a girly girl.

The decoration of snowflakes on a few fingers accentuates the Christmas atmosphere.

Vibrant, lovely patterns and drawings will help her nails become attractive.

Girls who like novelty will not be able to ignore this creative and dynamic nail style.

Christmas is approaching and to join the festive atmosphere , in addition to the brilliant costumes, you should “equip” yourself with a colorful, unique and sparkling Christmas style nail.