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20+ The most popular beautiful raw nail designs today

You feel self-deprecating because you own rough hands, you wonder which nail model to choose to cover those rough hand defects? Then let’s join ideassimple to find out 20 of the most popular beautiful raw nail designs today to get more suitable suggestions!

Nail design suitable for rough hands

Square nail shape

The square nail shape is a basic but equally attractive shape, which is why many young people today still love and pursue this nail style. In particular, this type of nail will be a favorite nail model for “rough hands” girls who look slimmer.

Oval nail shape

The shape of this nail shape is quite oval, round at the tip of the nail. This is one of the nail designs for rough hands that are popular with young people because of their excellent concealer ability.

Almond nail shape

Nails with a pointed tip make rough hands feel slimmer, longer and slimmer. Please refer to the same!

Ballet shoe nail shape

The characteristic of the ballet shoe’s nail shape is exquisite. The contours of the nails help to hide the flaws of the rough hands, highlighting the luxurious and seductive beauty of a woman.

Beautiful nail designs for short nails

Simple stone-patterned nails

Elegant stone-patterned nails, both classic and modern, are trending in 2022. This nail model promises to make you fall in love with it.

Nails for rough hands ombre

Nail ombre is considered a nail model for rough hands that is worth trying. This nail model helps nails have more depth, creating a slim and elegant feeling for the nails.

Nails covered with gel

Gel nail is also a nail design for rough hands , nails will be covered with gel and then decorated with textures at the request of customers. The glossy gel layer will “cut the heart” of the viewer by its sparkle and sweetness.

Matte nail polish for students 

This nail design is very suitable for strong, personality girls. You can combine with cartoon motifs, little flower motifs to create the most suitable and impressive matte nail set for students. 

Personalized mirror-painted nails

Nail designs with outstanding and luxurious colors will give you a completely new and unique feeling. The luxury, personality is here, are you ready to try?

Nails studded with stones and textures

If you like the prominence and elegance, the patterned stone nail design is a great choice. This is a nail model for rough hands, making your hands pretty, concealing rough hands most effectively.

Glitter nails for short rough nails

Nail polish nail model is the leading nail design trend among young people today. This nail style is loved by its eye-catching sparkles, especially “cheat” for raw nails to become more graceful and feminine.

Nails for rough hands Korean style

Korean nail model is a beautiful nail model , considered one of the popular nail designs for rough hands today. Korean-style nail sets often use elegant colors and combine with simple and pretty motifs. This also contributes to making the owners of short nails more shimmering, gentle, and feminine.

Matte nail polish for rough hands 

Matte paint is a mix of matte and glossy paint. This nail model is not too trendy like glossy paint, nor too personal like matte paint, so it is loved by many girls. 

Nail designs for summer

Summer is coming, brilliant and beautiful nail designs attract many young people. Let’s join ideassimple to refer to some of these “hot summer” nails!

Sunset yellow


Light blue


Denim color

Cream turquoise

Neutral color

Nail art designs for rough hands

Nail art with skillful and professional motifs will help you to be more sophisticated and attractive. However, if you do not like the fussiness, you can discuss with the “manicurist” in advance to get the most harmonious and satisfactory nail design.

The above article of ideassimple has introduced the most eye-catching and beautiful nail designs for rough hands today. Hope you will choose for yourself the right nail design to become more attractive. Follow the beauty trends category of ideassimple to pocket more of the most popular beauty trends today!