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Unknown “alien-like” monster astounded beachgoers

Photos of a strange creature have been circulating around Facebook after the mysterious “alien-like” being washed up on a beach in Australia.

A mysterious alien-like sea creature washed up on a popular beach, perplexing scientists.

Damien Said captured the pink blob-like creature just north of Hervey Bay in Queensland.

After images of the mottled pink and white sea creature were posted on Facebook by environmental conservation organization SCF Australia, beachgoers struggled to identify it.


The gelatinous pink blob was photographed by Damien Said just north of Hervey Bay in Queensland

‘Can anyone ID this?’ they wrote.

Three images of a translucent jellyfish lookalike were posted alongside the information request.

One of the photographs was taken next to the photographer’s foot to demonstrate the enormous size of the sea creature.

One of the images was set taken beside the photographer’s foot to show the sea creature’s enormous size

Many social media users were perplexed by its ‘alien’ features, but a few speculated that it could be a type of nudibranch – or sea slug.

Invertebrates are bottom-dwelling creatures with over 2,000 known species.

‘This is a hooded nudibranch of the genus Melibe. What an amazing animal!’ one person posted.

But one follower was more concerned about the photographer’s safety.

‘Why would you place your foot near it? It might sting you,’ they wrote.

According to Yahoo News, experts at the Australian Museum have seen the images and are working to identify the species.

The mysterious creature washed ashore north of Hervey Bay in Queensland (pictured)

A citizen scientist identified the creature as a hooded nudibranch of the genus Melibe (pictured)