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22+ Brown French Nails That Are Perfect For Cold Weather

Referring to the beautiful French nail polish model, surely no one can not think of a minimalist image with only a color line on the tip of the nail. The French prefer natural beauty with less color. This is very clearly shown in the traditional nail polish style that is “promoted” by Paris girls to this day.

But unlike the mid-2000s, French manicure now has more impressive creations, helping nailholics have a richer experience. It’s still the same minimalistic beauty, but the new French nail polish trends have more innovative colors and textures. Let’s look at the top list of Brown French nails that are perfect for cold weather below!

Classic Brown French nail designs

If you are a lover of classic French beauty, the beautiful nail polish with only the tip of the nail with a brown line will make you fall in love. However, you can refresh this style by adding layers of pastel colors that pour ombré down the middle of the nail. 


Pattern Brown French nail designs

This is a French nail polish pattern that often appears on the front pages of magazines. Simple but luxurious, showing the style of a mature and charming woman. French mood on a brown background and black lines is now refreshed when combining contemporary patterns. The diagonal, parallel, and irregular lines help you show the modern. 


Glitter Brown French nail designs

Don’t forget glitter if you are planning to transform your French manicure. In addition, combining multiple glitter colors at the same time is also a good idea.


Polka Dot Brown French nail designs

The polka dot pattern is used by many major fashion brands for their designs, such as Chanel, Gucci and Zara. In addition, famous artists such as the beautiful woman Julia Roberts or the star Audrey Hepburn also love this pattern.